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Moroccan Arts : Mohammed Ouassou 

Fantasy by M. Ouassou

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Ouassou by M. Ouassou

No title by M. Ouassou

Zamour carpet: Art from Khemisset by M. OuassouMorocco's painting and sculpture have evolved from contemporary artists' confrontation with their country's vast and vital artistic heritage. The traditional arts are strongly present in every aspect of Moroccan life, from architecture to everyday objects. 

Artists, faced with these symbolic forms that are so closely bound up with collective imagery, responded by re-evaluating this heritage and incorporating an unmistakably contemporary aesthetic ideal. Cherkaoui, through his study of Arabic calligraphy and the Berber symbols used to decorate both traditional objects and the human body, has succeeded in containing both sign and meaning within a single, intense vibration..

Painters Melehi, Belkahia and Chebaa, who taught painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Casablanca (1968-1971), are among the most active members of Morocco's artistic community, and play an important role in the on-going task of building a national culture. They were the organizers, in 1969, of the "exposition-Manifeste" in Marrakech's Djamaa El Fna Square.


Art from South of Morocco by M. Ouassou

Africa young men by M. Ouassou

No title by M. Ouassou

Today, the development of pictorial expression is moving towards the diversification of expression based on individual perceptions and the exploration of artistic possibilities. Belkahia's use of local materials is a good example of this. He paints on leather instead of canvas, using natural pigments which accentuate the sensuality of his shapes and graphic figures. The studied, deliberate brushstrokes of Sufist-inspired painter Rabi seem rooted in the spirit of calligraphy.

Moroccan Artist M. OuassouOther young artists have achieved international recognition. One of the best known is Kacimi, whose signs and figures painted on huge canvases look as though they are about to take flight. Bellamine, another young artist, creates density and mystery with layer on layer of color, infused with a joyful transparency that reflects his love of painting.

Morocco Today has chosen to present today Ouassou Mohammed, a self-educated artist who lives in the Moroccan city known for its Zemmouri Berber carpets, the city of Khemisset. The city is also known for its handicraft items. Ouassou has organized exhibitions all over Morocco and also in Germany.

Looking for my love : A la recherce de mon amour, by M. Ouassou Dance, by M. Ouassou No title: Exhibited in Germany by M. Ouassou Dance of faces by M. Ouassou

One of the most important characteristics of Ouassou paintings is that we can feel Zemmour colorful environment in its paintings. For those familiar with Morocco in general, and Zemmour region and Khemisset in particular, the colorful of artisan products and the wonderful color of the region landscape and its moderate weather are visible in Ouassou work as they are reflected in his paintings.