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Moroccan Interior Design Mosaic : Where Originality Combines With Modernity

 Moroccan Interior Design Mosaic : Where Originality Combines With Modernity  Morocco has its genuine culture but keeps a universal aspect due to the Berberian roots and the spiritual heritage it accepted

We frequently read in articles about celebrities that this or that "star" is building a house, a villa, a mansion or decorating a palace on the Moroccan style, the last of them is Britney Spears.

We regularly receive e-mail messages saying: (Joan from the States) "I am building a new house and have been looking to purchase some Moroccan beautiful fabrics, lamps, etc. I want to surround myself with things that remind me of there."

or (Mr. Hanada, from Japan) "My God, the Moroccan architecture, and specially the mosaic patterns, are just terrific, Are these beautiful things expensive and affordable to have my living room and my corporate board room decorated with such sumptuous things?"

For the first, we say: "You do not need to be there, we are here for you to cheek our regularly updated site and catalogues, or just give a description, design, color, and our handicraft men will do the job for you according to your budget."

For the second, we say: "If we tell you the price, you will think we are kidding, The raw material is very cheap, and the labor is reasonable. Also, choose from our catalogues, we can do the job for you here in Morocco and we send it to you to fix it with the help of a jobber in your area. We can send our people too to do the job, it depends on your budget, the measurement, color and specifications."

All over the world, people are talking about Morocco as place that charms its visitors by its various characteristics that give it the aspect of a fascinating mosaic.

Today, we will not talk about that mosaic that the Moroccan society represents, owing to its landscapes, culture, fauna, flora, traditions, history etc., but we will talk about the real mosaic used in interior design.

As Yann Rotil said: "Decoration and architecture in Morocco hold a very special place in the Moroccan lifestyle. A country of art and beauty, meeting point of several influences, Morocco has its genuine culture but keeps a universal aspect due to the Berberian roots and the spiritual heritage it accepted. These influences are deeply rooted in the Moroccan architectural style, that can't be found anywhere else.

The same incomparable style is found in the design of contemporary interiors hired from the landscapes diversity, architectural patrimony, Spanish-Moorish imperial cities. All this is reflected in the particular Moroccan interior design style that is also influenced by the modern tendencies.

For centuries, Morocco has been renowned for its fine mosaic tile craftwork. Each mosaic tile is individually hand cut and combined in highly complex geometrical patterns of multi colored tiles from Fez. This painstaking time-consuming process can be performed only by the finest mosaic and Zellije masters in Fez who practice the Moroccan art of intricate mosaic designs with hand-cut tiles.

Mosaic is not only used for interior design, Mosaic tables are also perfect for indoors or outdoors. The inlaid table tops are made with an iron rim (rust proofed) filled with reinforced concrete on which the mosaic pattern is then laid. The bases are made of powder coated tubular steel.


Moroccan mosaic items include Rectangular Tables, Coffee Tables, Terra-cotta Classic, Glazed Zellije and Round Mosaic Squares.

Now, if you want to build your mansion, villa, palace, or your luxury large apartment, or just decorate your living room, we are again here.

All of the granite, plaster, marble, wood, and other materials used are taken from around Morocco. Traditional Moroccan artisans are here available at a reasonable price and skilled craft to turn these raw materials into abundant and incredibly beautiful mosaics, stone and marble floors and columns, sculpted plaster moldings, and carved and painted wood ceilings.

Maybe you need more, to add modern touches, we are still here to do it, for example you want to include a heated floor, an air conditioned floor, to withstand earthquakes, electric doors, a sliding roof, and lasers which shine at night from the top of the building or fiber optic lights shining from the bottom of your swimming pool or around the trees of your garden. We think about everything, we are Moroccans and we have style and an outlook to modern requirements, do not forget that we are at the crossroads between Africa and the West, between the orient and the occident, and we are skillful to make the originality combine with modernity.

We have people who know what they are talking about, just contact Morocco Today Group, it is important for us and for our image to discuss the details before you give your take your first step.

We want you to hire our professionals, if you do not mind paying these people to do things they love to do!





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