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Moroccan Arts : Mohammed Ouassou
Morocco's painting and sculpture have evolved from contemporary artists' confrontation with their country's vast and vital artistic heritage. The traditional arts are strongly present in every aspect of Moroccan life, from architecture to everyday objects.
The Cape to London AIDS Awareness Campaign (CLAAC) ... and Morocco Scheduled
In September 2002, the CLAAC plans to leave Cape Town for London with the sole aim of spreading AIDS Awareness across the length of the African continent. Marc-Anthony (25), Nicole (22) and Pierre Wilkinson (19), three South African siblings who have been studying in the UK for the last four years, and Brett Sargent (36), an overland expedition leader from Australia with ten years of experience, intend to, with the endorsement of President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and several AIDS organizations worldwide, spend roughly nine months promoting AIDS Awareness in any way possible - an
Editor : Amina Ibnou-cheikh - Legal Licence
: 2001/0008 - ISNN: 1114-1476 - No 17 and 18 - 15 March 2002/2952 - Price: 1.5 Euro In a letter, first of its kind, addressed by Lahcen Belhaj, opinion writer of the newspaper "The Amazigh World" to the USA ambassador to Morocco, the author brought to the attention of the American diplomat who earlier participated in "Dialogue" TV program, her lack of knowledge concerning the real Moroccan identity, as she grouped the country among the Arab nations.
Moroccan Film Director Souheil Benbarka Accuses Apartheid in His Film "AMOK"
One way to discover Moroccan Film Industry, Moroccan movies and the talented Moroccan film directors : try to see Amok South Africa, it's the jungle of the twentieth century.
Les Marocains descendent des Atlantes
Des quatre coins du globe, l’Atlantide, un continent perdu il y a 11.500 ans n’a eu de cesse d’etre recherche. Mille et une theories, souvent delirantes, ont expose le lieu de sa cachette.
Le Maroc : Beaute A Decouvrir
Par: M. Ben Amour On a beaucoup ecrit sur le Maroc, on a trop use de qualificatifs surfaits et les slogans touristiques n'ont rien arrange, pour mettre dans l'esprit un peu d'ordre, des qu'on decrit le Maroc "le Royaume aux Milles Royaumes". Le Maroc a vu se developper, au cours de plusieurs siecles, une civilisation authentique, empreinte de noblesse, dont les monuments temoignent d'un degre de raffinement et dont les formes flattent l'?
Web should prepare for a non-English majority : Creativity and Cultural Translation, not language translation, A Priority
This predominance of non-English-speaking users means it's imperative for you to begin offering multiple language choices on you Web sites. We know you work hard getting traffic to your Web sites, so it's ludicrous to then just commit suicide with bad communication or some poor translation software getting in the way.
Banking In Morocco
Morocco has been gradually implementing banking and financial sector reforms to attract higher levels of capital investment and to give domestic banks greater flexibility. Reforms have focused on liberalizing credit controls, liberalization of interest rates and replacement of direct credit control by a system of credit management relying on required reserve ratios and adjustment of the Central Bank.
Claudine Lavit Lahlou
Puis un jour, je suis partie vivre au Maroc. J'y ai decouvert un monde de contrastes inattendus Parcours du Peintre autodidacte Claudine Lavit Lahlou Je suis nee dans le Tarn mais j'ai vecu a Limoges jusqu'a l'age adulte.
A Rich Country Without Culture Is A Poor Country
Morocco : A Living, universal Culture From the end of the nineteenth century until independence in 1956, western ideas influenced Moroccan culture and sometimes even gave birth to new forms of expression Painting by LaglaouiMorocco is a pluralistic culture, inevitably split along the same lines that demarcate its multi-faceted society - popular and elitist, urban and rural.
Direct Irrigation & "0" Evaporation
Demonstrated by Gulam Ali Sajanlal The World Leaders have been calling for global cooperation in water conservation and water efficiency issues, and have spent billions of Dollars, because they know Water is Source of Life. Without it there is no Governments, Nations, Counties, Politics, Power, Peace or Life.
A Diversified and Promising Economy
Strategically located at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has for several centuries served as one of the main trading points between Europe and Africa. Since the mid-1980s, the government has implemented a successful reform program characterized by the substitution of external debt for internal debt; this measure has effectively reduced the public debt exposure to fluctuations in the international financial markets.
Leila Island; is it over?
By: M. El Younsi Now, the stand off is over, the tension is defused, the anger is dissipated, and things are back to normal, what did the two neighbors have learned from this unfortunate incident; or should we call it "MISUNDERSTANDING"? Well, the two neighbors squabbled for quite some times about illegal immigration, drug trafficking, fishing etc.
The Globalization of Economy , the English Language and the Department of Economics in Morocco
By Mustapha Ben Zahra The world economy has been going towards the situation where integration between countries has led to the birth of a large interdependent village . The effectiveness of companies , managers , businessmen and school leavers in this single village depends on their ability to communicate – but using the English language .
Endeavoring to electrify 1,500 villages per year over the next decade.
Morocco's National Office of Electricity (ONE) has an ambitious plan to supply the countryside with electricity by 2010 (currently, only around 15% of the rural population has access to electricity). Morocco plans to spend around $3.7 billion on energy projects through 2003, and part of this money will go towards building power plants and towards rural electrification.
Middle East Lights Industries Co. LLC.
We are expanding, join us and expand with us We are the 1st High Intensity Discharge Lamps manufactures in the Middle East, and the 4th Worldwide High Intensity Discharge Lamps are used for large area lighting Our products are used in : streets, roads, highways, ports, airports, storage yards and yards, railway stations, sports fields public parks and for national, regional and international public and official events We are manufactures, distributors and suppliers of high quality electricity products From high pressure sodium vapor lamps, high pressure mercury vapor lamp
What is Etiquette? And what Elysium Finishing School Can Teach You?
Are technical skills more important than social skills? Etiquette consists of the prescribed forms of conduct in polite society, and governs correct behavior of individuals, group of people or a group, it also means the good manners of an individual in his society or with his friends, family, relatives, connections or acquaintances.
Elysium Finishing School
and had this interview with Francoise duPont Wainwright, founder / Executive Director of this Etiquette Institute N.S. Could you give our readers an overview of Elysium Finishing School programs. The courses are for who and for what? - F.
Elysium Superlative Programmes ( ESP) 2002-2003
Optimum number of Sessions: Three each day Our multicultural programs are intended to improve individual character through training and knowledge. We help individuals develop the strength and self-confidence they need to be the best. Our specialists will tailor each programme to meet your group's needs.
Morocco Today Editorial Board
LIBTINIOUI Fatima Zahra Contact : e-mail: Mail : Click here and send STUDIES - Sep 1996-dec 2000 : Bachelor in Social Sciences Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. Major : " Global Interdependence " Minor : " Women and development Studies " - October 1996 : 1st year in English Literature, Mohamed V University in Rabat.
Moroccan Folklore
Moroccan folklore expresses and enhances everyday life of which it is an integral part. Although loyal to its forms of expression for generations, it is being continually enriched by popular imagination, under the influence of new events on the national, tribal or individual levels. Moroccan folklore is extremely diverse.
Less than two-hour flight from Europe, and around six hour flight from the US, Morocco is today a paradise for golfers, where nature presents such a majestic spectacle, golf has found its roots and its culture with more than 200 holes to delight the dedicated player and designed by such international masters as Robert Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Cabell B.
Morocco Golf Directory
RABAT DAR ES-SALAM : Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam : Set in a forest of cork, oak and eucalyptus trees. Gently rolling terrain with some water in play. Robert Trent Jones design. Red course is rated in the top 100 golf courses in the world by GOLF Magazine. Caddies are mandatory. Red Course: Holes: 18, Meters: 6702, Par: 73.
Royaume du Maroc
Les premiers habitants connus du Maroc sont les berberes qui sont probablement venus d' Asie et qu'on a appeles indifferemment: Getules, numides, maures. Des gravures rupestres a Oukaimeden, a Cromlech de M'soura et dans d'autres localites au Maroc sont leurs oeuvres. Quelques vestiges cotiers attestent de l'arrivee ulterieure d'autres peuplades, pheniciens et carthaginois en particulier, mais aussi vandales et byzantins.
Luther College announces Spring 2002 semester dean's list
DECORAH, Iowa Houda Abadi, a junior from Tangier, Morocco, has been named to the Luther College Dean's List for the spring semester of the 2001-02 academic year. Abadi, the daughter of Mohammed Abadi and Khadija Abaakil of Tangier, is majoring in psychology and communication. Included on the list are 828 students: 147 freshmen, 193 sophomores, 205 juniors and 283 seniors.
Mon Devoir : Faire Connaitre Tan-Tan
La diffusion de l’information constitue pour toute chambre professionnelle un moyen essentiel de promotion pour le developpement de l’investissement productif. Mohamed Faissal Mghaimimi, President de la chambre de Commerce, de l'Industrie et de services de la Province de Tan-Tan: Et comme ce site d'Internet est une occasion opportune pour user de cet efficace moyen, la Chambre de Commerce, de l'Industrie et de Services de la Province de Tan-Tan n'a pas hesite a s’engager, corps et ame dans cette fabuleuse entreprise, dans le but de faire connaitre et promouvoir les diverses potentialite
Media, Information Technology and Internet
Morocco boasts one of the largest telecom sectors in Africa. While most of its operation is currently supervised by the state-owned National Post and Telecommunications Board, an increased tendency toward privatization and openness have seen new companies emerge to challenge its monopoly. According to residents, the government does not restrict or censor Internet access.
Hindu Nationalism Playing The Nuclear Game
By Hussain Khan, M.A. (Tokyo) According to an article by Chidanad Rajghatta in the Times of India, Pakistan cannot stay beyond 72 hours, if Indian Navy blocks Pakistani ports, India abrogates Indus Water Treaty and Indian military starts an all-out attack. The writer further says that India may lose a few cities by Pakistani nuclear attack, but the massive nuclear retaliation from India will destroy whole of Pakistan.
Multi-language web-pages are becoming the norm
This predominance on-line of non - English - speaking users means it's imperative for you to begin offering multiple language choices on you Web sites. Nyulla Safi, a photo-journalist and designer, marketing manager of Internet Avenue informed her customers that: "We know you work hard getting traffic to your Web pages, so it's ludicrous to then just commit suicide with bad communication or some poor translation software getting in the way.
Dubai ... An Emirate, A Capital : Where East ... Meets West
What makes the world rush to Dubai? Dubai, though only spread over an area of 3,986 km2 in the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the most dynamic of the Emirates. The whole world focuses its attention on it. Since 1971, it is one of the seven emirates that make up the Federation of the United Arab Emirates.
Deutsche Bank to be licensed by DIFC
Dubai's plan to develop as a global finance centre received a boost with the announcement by Deutsche Bank of its intention to be licensed by the Dubai International Financial Centre, (DIFC). Deutsche Bank, which ranks among the global leaders in corporate banking and securities, transaction banking, asset management, and private wealth management, is also one of the region's leading investment banks.
Investment Opportunities
Diverse and promising Strategically located at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has for several centuries served as one of the main trading points between Europe and Africa. Since the mid-1980s, the government has implemented a successful reform program characterized by the substitution of external debt for internal debt; this measure has effectively reduced the public debt exposure to fluctuations in the international financial markets.
Ismahane Elouafi ... And A "Morocco" Evening ... In Ninomiya House, Japan ... On August 9th
Morocco - The Magic Land of Contrast Few weeks ago, the administration of Ninomiya House in Japan contacted Ismahane Elouafi, a Moroccan Ph.D Post-Doctoral fellow at Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, asking her to talk to a cosmopolitan audience of intellectuals and scholars based in Japan about her country, Morocco.
Ecology and Economy
English Speaking Union : Public Speaking Competition 2002 Libtinioui Fatima Zahra wrote for Morocco Today To promote international understanding through the English language, the English Speaking Union, Morocco's founding members organized a public speaking competition on Saturday the 20th of April 2002.
Morocco Leather and Textiles
Leather: The Moroccan Leather Sector includes tanning facilities, shoes, garments, small leather goods and luggage companies. More than 300 firms operate in Morocco, employing approximately 15.000 people. The shoe making industry ranked first followed by the tanning industry and the leather goods.
Diplomatic Efforts Should Resolve the Unfortunate "Leila/Perejil" Event ... And More!
By: M. El Younsi First, Leila is Moroccan, and it will remain Moroccan. The Aznar's government claims the Island along with others, and Ceuta and Millilia have been Spanish for 300 years! Well, these Moroccan cities and the rest of the islands under the existing Spanish occupation, existed since the geological formation of Africa as a continent, million years ago, they were Moroccan then, and they are now.
Marrakech Film Festival
Marrakesh, Morocco: Bobby Setzer A spectacular opening ceremony will kick off the second edition of the International Film Festival of Marrakech on September 18. The first festival was held in 2000, but because of the events of September 11, 2001, last year's edition was cancelled. Two giants of American cinema, David Lynch and Francis Ford Coppola, will be presented with awards signifying special recognition during the opening ceremony.
Marrakesh The imperial city that, at the dawn of its history, gave Morocco its name
As eternal as the snows on the highest peaks, as impressive as the Atlas mountains, as steeped in history as the palm trees are rooted in the Earth, Marrakesh stands as the finishing touch to a picture of timeless beauty. The mightiest kings fought for it, a line of dynasties inherited it, sages, craftsmen, architects, painters and sculptors of all ages built magnificent palaces, mosques, gardens and Koranic schools.
Imbalance of the worldwide information flow
By Marine Hautemont Australia The imbalance of the worldwide information flow has been a main issue between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres over the last thirty years. During the 1970's the nonaligned nations, in an attempt to suppress the one-sided coverage of the developing world by a dominant Western press, introduced the creation of a New International Information Order.
To alleviate women's distress, Moroccan Film Director Imane Mesbahi Prefers :
Lenses rather than medicine Men's authority provokes me Moroccan Film director Iman Mesbahi has excelled in many fields in spite of being in the midst of her first artistic trail.
Modeling workshop
FITNESS 2002, a 10-day modeling and grooming workshop organized by Modescheuen Events, will be held from August 20 to 30 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai. Leading professionals from the Indian modeling and glamour industry will offer free tips, advice and training to all the participants during the workshop.
Moroccan Economy
Morocco's economy is currently undergoing substantial change, including the lowering of tariff barriers over a 10-year period. This transition period will enable Moroccan companies to prepare for the opening-up of the economy, especially for free trade with the European Community, by putting in place the structures required to export products or get ready for more intense competition.
Moroccan Cinema
Although Moroccan cinema does not cater to a very large commercial market in the past, there is no denying that it is alive and well and start attracting millions of viewers every year. On average, Morocco produces a little more than ten feature length films a year. In terms of creativity, Moroccan cinema is the most advanced in North Africa.
Morocco : Monograph : Geographic Situation
Geographically, Morocco is located at one of the most important strategic points in the planet. Being situated at the North Western extremity of Africa, Morocco is at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, East and West. Morocco has an area of 710.850 square km and two maritime facades with a coastline of about 3.
Our Services Include:
Media and Information Technology Association "MITA": formed by Morocco Today Group, is supported by an excellent team which includes staff with Public Relations and Publishing experience, Arabic French and English editing and translation skills, media monitoring, database and photographic resource management, and sales and production expertise.
Welcome to Morocco
For Internship, Cooperation, Tourism, Investment and Discoveries and Reliable Information for Prospective Visitors to Morocco Press Release CONTACT: H. B. Qounin P.O. Box Phone: 00 971 50 734 0605 Email: welcome Web site: Moroccan Newspaper Launches an Online Meeting Place Casablanca, Morocco - October 1, 2002 - A Moroccan Newspaper Editor residing abroad has launched an online meeting place for scholars, journalists, trainees, retired people, students, investors, businessmen, and those looking for internship, from all over the w
Moroccan Interior Design Mosaic : Where Originality Combines With Modernity
Morocco has its genuine culture but keeps a universal aspect due to the Berberian roots and the spiritual heritage it accepted We frequently read in articles about celebrities that this or that "star" is building a house, a villa, a mansion or decorating a palace on the Moroccan style, the last of them is Britney Spears.
Renewal In Song
Sound Of Music MOROCCO is undoubtedly one of the four nations of the Maghreb whose musical traditions provide the greatest multiplicity of aspects. Let us go back and see the different classical forms of music of the "andalou nouba" region in the North of the country, especially in Tetouan, Tangiers, Fes and Rabat, the question-answer songs of the "ahaidou" shepherds of Central Morocco, the percussion of the "bendirs" in the great "ahwachs" of Northern Morocco which sometimes number more than a hundred participants of both sexes, the dialectic poetry sung by the "malhoun", the popular s
Morocco to decide soon on domestic oil market opening
RABAT - Morocco is expected to decide this week on whether to extend the state protection on oil market opening or start a gradual liberalization as promised in 1997, Energy Minister Mustapha Mansouri said. The Moroccan government announced five years ago when it privatized the country's main oil refiner Samir that a protection of the oil domestic market would remain in place until July 1, 2002 to help develop the local oil industry.
Morocco Strikes Black Gold!
A country with no oil of its own, Morocco has discovered substantial crude and gas deposits Will Morocco join the club of oil-producing countries? Oil and gas discovered in Morocco for the first time? Yes, as King Mohammed VI confirmed in a speech to the nation on Sunday August 20th, adding that the find ``was good-quality and abundant.
Black Gold in Morocco…?
Very soon on the news? Will Morocco join the club of oil-producing countries? Last July, the press reported that the Moroccan officials are waiting impatiently for the green light to start exploiting oil. According to the Minister of energy, Youssef Atahiry, Morocco possesses the largest revenue in oil rocks in the world.
Private Sector, The Openness
In 1993, the government began opening up to private sector participation the country's key infrastructure sectors: telecommunications, transportation, utilities and energy generation and distribution. The process of privatization has also reached the financial sector. While only a portion of the banks has been privatized, the government has made great strides in the abolition of direct credit control and liberalization of interest rates.
WordShack Publishing Seeks Writers
Ben Bernstein of London, England and Lynda Blankenship of Massillon, Ohio in the United States have joined forces to create a format for the works of international amateur and semi-professional writers to be showcased to the world.
Morocco Today Editorial Board
H. B. Qounin, Chief Editor H. B. Qounin Senior Editor : Morocco & Africa Today 2000 - 2002: Senior Editor of Morocco Today Newspaper. Web content developer and webmaster of the Moroccan site in English, French and Arabic languages. 2000: 1998: Freelance Script and Copy writer and translator (Arabic - French - English) for Advertising companies.
Radio / Television Broadcasting In Morocco
Radio Broadcasting: - 1928: official star under the name of "Radio-Maroc" as a dependent service of the PTT "Poste, Telegraph and Telephone" - Languages: - Arabic, French, Spanish and English. - Berber (3 dialects: Tarifit, Tamazight and Tachelhit). - Main Station: Rabat - Regional Stations: (9) Tangier, Casablanca, Laayoun, Marrakesh, Agadir, fez, Oujda, Dakhla and Tetouan.
Wedding of King Mohammed VI of Morocco to Lalla (Lady) Salma
Morocco's king is marrying a qualified IT engineer on July, and for the first time a royal wedding in Morocco becomes a public ceremony The festivities took place in Rabat, Capital City of Morocco, in keeping with the centuries-old traditions and authentic customs of Moroccan society Fireworks and parades were taking place in flower-strewn Mechouar Square in the capital, Rabat, to celebrate the festivities of King Mohammed, 38, the 18th king of t
Organized in the Tangiers Shooting Club by the International Shooting federation and the F.R.M.T.A.C
For the First Time in Morocco, and more to come Mr. Amahzoun Youssef won Hassan II Trophy and ranked 2nd for the European championship For the first time in Morocco, the International Shooting Federation has recently organized the European Championship, with the coordination of the Moroccan Shooting Federation F.
A First Stewardess Profile
Recognized by the Ministry of CIvil Aviation, and with more than 5000 flying hours with a prestigious European airline company, registered from flying book till end of the year 2001, Alissa Erchakova decided to change the course of her career and has opted to look for better perspective in working with an international business man's private jet.
THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION : Woody Allen writes, directs and stars as C.W. Briggs in The Curse of the Jade Scorpion.
Allen, as Briggs, is a fervent insurance investigator struggling to maintain his company’s out-of-date status quo, while the firm's new efficiency expert, Betty Ann Fitzgerald (Helen Hunt), repeatedly bulldozes over Briggs’s resistance.
Mulholland Drive
As often as filmmakers reflect upon Hollywood, they denounce it (witness Roman Polanski, Raymond Chandler, Nathaniel West, Billy Wilder and countless others), condemning the very system that enables the indictment. Nevertheless, extraordinary films have come from this dark genre, and David Lynch’s latest effort is one.
Ocean's Eleven
What do you get when you drop a handful of Hollywood's hottest stars into a Las Vegas heist movie that tanked in its first manifestation 40 years ago? Answer: Ocean's Eleven. Steven Soderbergh's overhaul of this 1960 Rat Pack flop finds ex-jailbird George Clooney fronting a squad of mugs conspiring to break the bank -- in this case, an Impenetrable' vault containing millions --situated beneath Vegas's grandest casino.
RAT RACE (Paramount) is the impoverished descendent of It’s a Mad Mad Mad World, a 1963 comedy hit directed by Stanley Kramer.
A dozen deep-pocketed gamblers presided over by Donald Sinclair (John Cleese), a toothy, toupeed casino czar with but one intent -- to keep his sensation-addicted crapshooters who bet on anything interested. Upping the ante for the umpteenth time, Sinclair stashes $2 million in a distant city.
La Ville De Tanger : Apercu Historique
Par: Anisa-Sebti C'est la ville marocaine la plus proche de l'Europe. A cheval entre 2 mers, elle surveille, du haut de la colline argilo - chisteuse sur laquelle elle est batie, le detroit de gibraltar. Ville chargee de mysteres, longtemps ouverte aux differentes influences, c'est aussi une ville de rencontres: entre mers, entre continents et entre peuples.
La Ville De Tanger : Invitation
Tangier, cette ville Marocaine qui etait un jour une ville internationale, fait toujours parler d'elle dans les quatre coins du monde. Le groupe "Morocco Today", forme d' une equipe de Marocains et Marocaines vivant a l'etranger, parmi eux des journalistes, gens de media et des professionnels de l'information technologique , a pour mission de faire connaitre davantage notre pays au monde entier , et les fils de Tanger au sein de notre groupe ont decide de faire un marketing solide et serieux de notre belle ville de Tangier a l'internet.
Les Nouvelles du Nord
International Monde Arabe: Le Degre Zero des Libertes De tous les mondes qui stagnent dans l'antichambre du progres, de la democratie et de la modernite, le monde arabe est le plus en retard Par: Mariane Qui met en cage la moitie du ciel risque de se retrouver en plein brouillard. Tous les observateurs du monde arabe le clament depuis belle lurette.
Congres Mondial des Marocains de l'Etranger
La Chronique Maroc Les MRE changent Le congres mondial des Marocains de l'etranger est une premiere initiative dans l'histoire de l'emigration. Ne en novembre dernier a Tanger, ce Congres a pour objectifs de mettre sur pied une structure capable de jouer le role d'un lobby defendant les interets de la communaute marocaine vivant a l'etranger.
Tan-Tan y su region
La iniciativa de publicar esta gula sobre Tan-Tan como lo hacen las grandes capitales regionales no es en mi opinion una ambicion desmesurada si no que responde a unios imperativos esenciales. Senor Mohamed Jelmous, Gobernador de la provincia de Tan-Tan: Empezando por la historia y la geografia que hacen de Tan-Tan un centro de interes de gran importancia, por eso deben ser conocidas.
The Future Regional Capital of Southern Morocco
During my recent visit to Tan-Tan, I discovered a really promising region, totally different from the one I visited four years ago. The most attracting trend I discovered is the harmony that exists between the public sector and the private sector to boost all sectors of the economy in Tan-Tan province.
1) Our Realizations: - Line 22 KVS and his Station of Transformation H.T-A / L.T of 800 KVA (prefabricated) in addition to the adjusting of all motivational with their desks in the room of order of the CAREER AMAL in Tlate of Taghramt Wilaya of Tetouan (Network O.N.E). -Station of Transformation H.
Organized in Sana'a, Yemen Under the auspices of HE President Ali Abdulla Saleh, and inaugurated by Vice President Mr. Abdulrabbu Mansoor Hadi
Information and communication Technology Exhibition (JITCOM 2002) By Mohammed Al Amir, E-Marketing Executive, JITCOM Exhibition 2002 Apollo Company is hosting JITCOM 2002, the IT and telecom exhibition at the Apollo center in Sana’a on July 22-26, in coordination with the Yemeni Industrial Association.
Morocco Textiles and Leather
Textile: The textile sector is one of the leading sectors in the Moroccan industry. The production of this sector represents about 15% of the total value of the processing industries. Ready-ma\de garments and knitwear production represents 43% of the total production of the textile sector, 50% of the export production value and 30% of manufactured goods exported.
I am a free and proud Moroccan
By Nyulla Safi, Travel Photo-Journalist, Model and Fashion Designer: sahara I have not seen my Berber family since the age of 6 and my grandfather Safi since I was 14, but I am very proud to say I have Berber blood. I know that the word Berber / Tashelhit / Amazith itself means free.
Thank you LE MAROC for the unforgettable year!
I lived in your beautiful country for only one year, but the memory has lasted almost 35 years now By Robert Evans I lived in your beautiful country for only one year, 1965/1966 and the memory has lasted almost 35 years. I was stationed in Sidi but lived in Kenitra in an apartment across the road from the train station near the Maamora Forest.
Will Water Battle Take Place?
Earth Summit An Indian Scientist based in the Middle East has the Answer: Every Drop Counts Put Into Practice, An Indian Scientific Researcher Introduces an Eco-Water System in the Middle East The first Eco-Water installation in the Region If generalized, more than 5.33 billion gallons of water everyday can no more be wasted in the Middle East, the sandy deserts would bloom with greenery ECOLOGISTS are people who, concerned at man's relationship with his environment go beyond airing their concern.
What is Etiquette? And what Elysium Finishing School Can Teach You?
Are technical skills more important than social skills? Etiquette consists of the prescribed forms of conduct in polite society, and governs correct behavior of individuals, group of people or a group, it also means the good manners of an individual in his society or with his friends, family, relatives, connections or acquaintances.
Foreign Investment in Morocco
Morocco has opted for a liberal, diversified economy, based on private initiative and largely open on the outside world. It offers conditions of success to investors thanks to its economic potentialities and human resources, to the perspectives which it enjoys as a link between two economic entities, the Maghreb and Europe, and particularly thanks to the political will to encourage investments.
African Diamonds in the Rough
Below is a short article James Saba would like to share with our readers. It is believed that the truths it embodies will provide millions of people with a new self respect and confidence to express their inherent beauty. Evolution and its Dependence on DNA Sequence Variation Evolution is among those highly controversial subjects.
High Atlas Mountains- Paradise untouched
By: Nyulla Safi A destination with few matches, hidden secrets and domain of The imagination. Those who know about it would rather you didn't. In my dream the moment I arrive at the High Atlas Mountains, I am thunderstruck By the spectacular beauty of this hidden world. I have just entered A secret and pre-historic world.
A Moroccan Woman Among The 2002 Global Health Council Annual Award Recipients
Dr. Fatima-Zohra Akalay, country director for Helen Keller International (HKI, a division of Helen Keller Worldwide) in Morocco The award for Best Practices in Global Health is given to celebrate and highlight the efforts of an individual in the field dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged and disenfranchised populations and to recognize programs that effectively demonstrate the link between health, poverty and development.





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