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Organized in Sana'a, Yemen Under the auspices of HE President Ali Abdulla Saleh, and inaugurated by Vice President Mr. Abdulrabbu Mansoor Hadi

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Information and communication Technology Exhibition (JITCOM 2002)

By Mohammed Al Amir, E-Marketing Executive, JITCOM Exhibition 2002

Apollo Company is hosting JITCOM 2002, the IT and telecom exhibition at the Apollo center in Sana’a on July 22-26, in coordination with the Yemeni Industrial Association. This exhibition is the fourth of its kind since 1999.

This exhibition is organized annually by Apollo Co. for International exhibitions in view of introducing new IT and telecom products to the public, as well as building strong relations between local and international companies involved in the same industry.

“The Yemeni government has been focusing on the IT sector as it turned to be the prime mover of progress in modern world. The establishment of IT City in Sana’a by the Ministry of Telecommunication is a case in point,“ Tawfiq Al Nihmi, GM of Apollo Co. said, adding that “Yemen is also a big market for IT and telecom products, as many big international brands seek to enter the Yemeni market.”

Local software developers and hardware assembling workshops want to avail this big opportunity to introduce their products to the public. With the same pace, leading international IT and telecom companies are also very interested in showcasing their variety of new technologies innovations as Yemen’s IT and telecom market is a promising one.

A symposium on IT industry in Yemen will also be organized at this exhibition. The organizers have invited specialists, computer science graduates, students and programmers to this event.

Among the issues to be discussed within the symposium are: -The role of IT to gain knowledge towards the electronic government and its requirements. - The role of government agencies and civil society organizations in computer illiteracy eradication. -Government promotion for the IT private sector developers and requirements for transferring and domesticating technologies.

Many visitors, diplomats and specialists are expected to come from the Arab Gulf region and Africa as organizers have sent invitations to them through the Sana’a Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and as for local market, Apollo dedicated personnel have done their best to invite government agencies, specialists and private sector companies to attend this exhibition.

This year’s Jitcom Exhibition offers added value for exhibitors, as there will be extra software demonstrating days, introducing ORACLE “Partner Business Solutions” to the Yemeni market.

Oracle Solutions are the most reliable solutions providers for the growing technology demand in Yemen. Two types of solution categories will be presented. Different Business Solutions such as Human Resources, General Ledger, Accounting, etc., and Specific Business Solutions such as Hospital, Banking, Security, Industry, etc…

The show will now be open for five days, including the weekend on which the show will come to a close.

“In holding such exhibition it became obvious that Yemen aspires to expand its IT capabilities and be more than a premier software developer – Jitcom 2002 can help it achieve those aspirations and we are committed to working in partnership with the government sectors to achieve this goal,” said Mr. Omar Al Nihmy, Marketing Manager/Assistant General Manager.






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