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Editor : Amina Ibnou-cheikh - Legal Licence: 2001/0008 - ISNN: 1114-1476 - No 17 and 18 - 15 March 2002/2952 - Price: 1.5 Euro

In a letter, first of its kind, addressed by Lahcen Belhaj, opinion writer of the newspaper "The Amazigh World" to the USA ambassador to Morocco, the author brought to the attention of the American diplomat who earlier participated in "Dialogue" TV program, her lack of knowledge concerning the real Moroccan identity, as she grouped the country among the Arab nations. In his message, Oulhaj tried to make the American diplomat aware of the Amazighization of Morocco.

In his letter of protest to the diplomat, Oulhaj wrote: "during the interview, you have spoken about Morocco as an "Arab Nation", let me bring to your attention that nothing, and absolutely nothing legal could possibly allow you to interpret Morocco in that manner."

Oulhaj added: "The name Morocco was initiated from a deformation to Marrakech of the Amazigh name of "Mur n Ukkech", which designates "country", "part" or "City of God" most likely in resonance of Saint Augustin book having the same title".

The Amazigh World is a weekly Moroccan tabloid published temporarily twice a month by an editorial board headed by Amina Ibnou-Cheikh as editor and Ahmed Zahid as Chief Editor, sustained by a group of academic scholars and university teachers with a journalistic background, like Ibrahim Baouch, Bajji Said, Jamal Eddine Aarif, Rashid Rekha, Abdellah Zarou, Mohammed Boudari, Souleiman Baghdadi, Houssein Ben Ahmad Idriss, Ahmed Arehmouch, Hassan Id Belkacem, Mohamed Mellal, Hafid Khadiri and Hafida Bourkham.

"Maybe you will tell me that Morocco is a member of the Arab league, and therefore it is an Arab country", added Belhaj, "Her also, I have to bring to your attention that the official of the league is "The League of the Arab States," therefore, it is the state of Morocco that is Arab ... You very well know, Madame, that "nation" refers you to "people", so no constitution in the world, no convention can take its real identity and provide him with another one".

The Amazigh World  is published in French, Tamazight and Arabic and reflects a very high cultural and informative profile and a deep knowledge and preservation of the authentic identity of Morocco.

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