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Moroccan Cinema

The Movie "AMOK", directed by Moroccan Film Director Souheil Benbarka

Moroccan Film Director Souheil Benbarka Accuses Apartheid in His Film "AMOK"

One way to discover Moroccan Film Industry, Moroccan movies and the talented Moroccan film directors : try to see Amok

South Africa, it's the jungle of the twentieth century. Sky-high trees casting shadows of huge sky-scrapers and men mercilessly chasing and crushing other men at bay.

Amok! of the Moroccan Film Director Souheil Benbarka is the expression of rebellion coming up from the guts dissected with utter penetration and skill the labyrinths of the apartheid system and displays it before us in its disgusting and revolting apartheid nakedness.

"AMOK" so throbbing with life and so much up to date, it sheds light on South Africa in its nakedness and the lot of the people there, their realities: terror, misery, theft, rape and violent death.

Amok! is a movie doomed to become a classic, it is a document on the bare facts of apartheid, so provoking and so successful in rendering the ferocity of reality.

It is a technical success. A two hour movie. Direct and lever movements of the camera. An efficient and straightforward realization. All the soundtrack is initiated by Miriam Makeba,. Huge Masekela and Albinoni. Moroccan, Guinean, Senegalese and Italian actors are quite good in their parts and perform without a stitch.

Let us then hope that Amok will be able to promote awareness throughout the world of this shameful and horrible situation in South Africa and which constitutes a latent challenge to mankind. Just like Delius, the trade-unionist in the move, let us hope that every person who views this feature film, this document, will understand that the "bantoustanization" of South Africa is a threat for justice and peace in the world.

Amok! An appetizing and appealing title, a text of intense density and sincerity, and a cast of straightforward and easy-going actors. A movie which sincerely defends and advocates that there is a "spark of peace" in every human being capable of rekindling the hearts of men.

It is a pity that in South Africa the racist regime does not lend an ear to the voice of the heart. The psychosis of this hell of their own making mercilessly drives them deeper and deeper in the mud.

Amok! is no "solution-films"> it is a movie which does pose problems for South Africa, it is a problem and there is no panaces to solve problem in the camera of the film director. The genuine solution to the problem can not be found on a screen but on the terrain, there is South Africa, Mathieu Simpata who returns to Dotounza at t  he end of the story, is pale, wild-looking, is truly coming back from hell, it is the most moving sequence of  the movie punctuated with the gloomy leitmotiv : "they have killed, they have killed" ...

Amok! poses the South African problem in all its aspects in order to make it possible for everybody to grasp the earnest of the danger and to think over efficient remedies through concrete action to this hovering thereat.