Morocco Today

Editorial : By Debra J. White

What good has it done me to support the Palestinian cause? You still hate me

Reading the latest invective from Osama Bin Laden shows a man so consumed with hatred he cannot focus his attentions on important issues in the Arab world, namely poverty, illiteracy, and a staggering unemployment rate. Instead of using his vast array of wealth to address social ills among his people, he squanders his resources to perpetrate violence against people he doesn’t even know. Do any of you realize there are Americans who support the Palestinians? We do not condone 
the use of suicide bombers, but we recognize the oppression of the Palestinian people. If the US is the great Satan he insists we are, then why do so many of you apply for visas to come to the US?

Before judging us, take a look at your own societies. Are you proud of Islamic laws that allow rapists to go free? Are you satisfied that stoning of a rape victim is allegedly justice? I think not, but no one asked me. Under the Taliban, women were stoned to death for trivial causes. Animal abuse is rampant throughout the Mideast. Most Mideastern women lack the right to vote. Yet your rhetoric makes it seem the US is the only nation who has made mistakes. Sure the US has erred. I love my country but we have not been perfect. No nation has a market on goodness, including the Muslim world.

I consider myself a fair-minded person who looks at both sides of an issue. Labeling the US a terrorist nation is rather short-sighted. What about when Iraq invaded Kuwait? Is it acceptable that Saddam Hussein unleashed biological weapons against his own people? Isn’t  that the sign of a terrorist? What about the Sudanese Muslims? You expect me to believe these people are next in line for medals of honor?

The long-standing institution of segregation was brought down in the US largely through non-violent means. India ridded itself of years of colonial rule through non-violence. South Africa ended white rule without the use of suicide bombers.

No one has the right to take the life of another. Suicide bombers are no better than the oppressors who they act against. Only cowards hide behind terror. The human race has grown pathetic these days. I am ashamed of us all. I bet God is too.