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Morocco Today : Training

Etiquette School : Interview

Nyulla Safi visited 

Elysium Finishing School

and had this interview with Françoise duPont Wainwright, founder / Executive Director of this Etiquette Institute

N.S. Could you give our readers an overview of Elysium Finishing School programs. The courses are for who and for what?

- F.D.W. Our programs' main objective is to prepare a young woman of today for the challenges of tomorrow so she can meet diverse demands of our daily life experiences. Our programs, starting from 2 to 8 weeks, are designed for women of today, whether she is a secretary, executive, public relations officer, female relative, a fiancée, wife, sister, or daughter, in short, our programs are for anybody's loved ones who is eager to strengthen her self-confidence and self esteem. Our programs can make a big difference in a woman's family or professional daily life and for her social activities.

N.S. We understand that the programs of two weeks are for those who are on a short visit to Australia, and we understand that these visitors usually come with their relatives during their vacation, has the school thought about the sojourn requirement of the relatives during the student's short training session?

- F.D.W: Sure we did, the accompanying members of the family or relatives can of course benefit from many facilities that the School provides while they are near and in constant contact with their loved ones. This place here is more of a paradise rather than a ladies finishing school. We also do invites people visiting us to come and see for themselves what we can offer and be acquainted with our programs. They can also stay in the splendid quality mighty high-class residence or in Avica resort  where the school is located. They can practice their favorable sports, including tennis, golf, etc. The school also provides 24 hours a day bodyguard security services for dignitaries and for ladies too. We pick our visitors with a limousine from the airport and we royally treat them until they are back to the airport again.

N.S. What about the accommodation for the students?

- F.D.W. We do provide excellent first class lodging for them, according to age and the amount of freedom their parents allow, students are lodged in appropriate accommodations . Curfews do apply and students must comply. We take care of our students and they will feel like among their families here. Beside material, food and accommodation that we provide, other services include welcome at Brisbane airport or transfer by car with chauffeur; concerts, cultural trips organized by the school, sports, books and stationery, materials for sewing, extra courses and private lessons, illness insurance, diet, residence permit, dry cleaning and security, etc.

- N.S. Could you give us more details about other Elysium Finishing school programs?

- F.D.W: Elysium Finishing school provides four (4) times / sessions each year. The programs are divided to levels: Level One duration is 4 weeks. Level two is for 6 weeks, and level three is for a period of 8 weeks.

- Level One features mastering the fundamentals of expressing International/diplomatic conversational English. Emphasis is placed on social dining and cultural and entertainment activities where requirements are that the student confidently uses proper pronunciation and correct vocabulary suited for the occasion. This level is certificated and taught by accredited lecturers.

- Level Two features the mastering a broader range of expressing International / diplomatic Conversational English. Additional experiences in entertainment, social dining, cultural activities are added. This additional session features accredited Hospitality Training course, which includes cooking, classes which benefits each student's success in high level events. Level two is also certified and taught by accredited lecturers.

- Level Three program includes all levels One and Two, and also features several multicultural events and presentations by senior business executives and International diplomatic lecturers. This program includes daily sports development programs for golf and tennis. Level Three is certified and taught by accredited teachers and lecturers with International or United Nations Diplomatic credentials.

- N.S. What about this year's program, I mean when the next sessions will start and at what date and when students can apply to join the school?

- F. D. W: Students can apply from now for the next session that will begin on October 7th this year, and we are prepared to receive more students from all over the world for the next session  which will start in January 2003.

- N.S.  Is there a limit on the number of students who would like to enroll for Elysium Finishing School various sessions?

- F.D.W. This is an important question, we request potential students to contact us as soon as possible to book their seats and fix their date of arrival to start the course, as the maximum students for 8 weeks session is limited to 30, however, up to 50 students can be accommodated for the 4 and 6 week course. 

- N.S. How to apply to the Elysium Finishing School?

- F.D.W. Well, the potential candidates planning to join the school should first send us a photocopy of their valid passport, their educational, professional or achievements background information, languages spoken, parents / tutor / guardian or sponsor's information and the objectives of joining the Elysium finishing School. We need these information for evaluation and assessment. Once we consider that the potential candidate is eligible to join the school, then we will require her to fill the application form after accepting our rules are conditions. I have to add here that the information provided to the school becomes 100% confidential property of Elysium and will not be used for any other purposes.

- N.S. What is the next step after the evaluation, and what about the visa for overseas students?

- F.D.W. Once a student is eligible for admission, we request her to complete the application form which is acted upon as it is received.
Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by a return letter by post or fax. Applicant will receive notice within 14 days of an acceptance letter or a letter declining the application. As for the visa for Australia, Elysium will arrange the forms to be sent directly to the applicant upon acceptance.

N.S. Do you have a message to potential candidates and their parents?

- F.D.W. Elysium Finishing School is a paradise for your loved ones to learn the essence of proper style, etiquette and manners, to embrace the essence of propriety protocol and learn to recognize the responsibilities of global social and environmental issues. Our course will start for you at the Elysium Finishing School in Brisbane but will never finish in your life and in your daily relations, whether among your family, your guests, your corporate or during your social events. "Your style will make the difference, Elysium Finishing School can do it!"