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Elysium Finishing School

A Paradise for your loved ones to learn the essence of propriety etiquette and manners

"Elysium Finishing School's goal is to conduct informative, up to date and interactive etiquette and manner courses that help the next generation understand the “Art of Hospitality and good manners”, to build leadership qualities, to prepare children, teen-agers and young adults to be comfortable in any situation in the social and professional arena ..."Elysium Finishing School

... Françoise duPont Wainwright, founder and executive director of the school sum up philosophy of this international etiquette institution by adding:

"Being a member of European Council for Business Education, the Elysium Finishing School is committed to preparing a young woman of today for the challenges of tomorrow. It inspires and prepares her to meet the diverse challenges of life's experiences, she will learn to adopt and adapt skillfully with self assurance, self reliance and responsibility. Elysium Finishing School provides a five star international educational environment."

Whenever you are in the world, you can enjoy all the facilities offered by Elysium Finishing School. An International network of flights can bring you right here to benefit from the school's programs, whether you live in Europe, North or South America, Africa or Asia.

After connecting Gulf countries to Australia via two destinations, United Arab Emirates' leading carrier "Emirates Airlines" starts to offer no-stop direct flights from the Middle East region to Perth on Boeing 777 aircraft operating each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with return flights on the same days. Australia is now just an eleven hour flight away from the Middle East in general, and the Gulf countries in particular!Art of Western Hospitality

Brisbane can be used as a stand alone destination with plenty to do and see for all the family, or an ideal entry point to explore the rest of Australia, but also a gold opportunity to spend few days at the Elysium Finishing School, where we can have a trip into the future of the art of socializing.

But Alissa has something else to tell us about planning to go there, saying that: "While in Brisbane with your family, you will find the most interesting attractions, pleasure and entertainment combined with a very interesting short term course on etiquette for your loved ones."

She continued: "Your visit there with your family will start with various attractions that Brisbane offers, to short term learning of etiquette and International Hospitality for all young women and relatives in your group."

"A course that will start in Brisbane and will never finish in your life and in your daily relations, whether among your family, your guests, your corporate or during your social events."

A course that will give "class and style" to all your public relations and can improve the standard of your family, your social status and your business.

Alissa added that: "Elysium Finishing School knows very well how to “make the discerning difference" in the personal, family and working lives of our young women. Elysium achieves this objective by offering a wide range of intensive subjects ... many of them multi-disciplinary with personalized opportunities for mastering both theory and vital “real world” situations. "

"After a short sojourn at the Elysium Finishing School for short courses, starting from 2 to 8 weeks, your "loved one" fiancée, wife, sister, or daughter will be able to strengthen her self-confidence and self esteem, thereby enhance her complete personality, to understand and appreciate the values of discipline and tolerance and to receive qualitative spiritual enrichment, to embrace the essence of propriety etiquette and manners, protocol and study the “Art of Western Hospitality” and to recognize the responsibilities of global social and environmental issues."

Elysium Finishing School programs are especially designed to expand each student's level of confidence and strengthen both her mind and heart. A perfect balance of a health body, mind and spirit is the target.Elysium Finishing School

Elysium Finishing School special program include the organization of training courses, workshops, and international conferences whenever you are in the world and whatever the number of your staff or the group you want to train is. Their international training team can travel to reach you in case you have a plan to give a short course to your employees, secretaries, staff of government departments, divisions of private corporation, hotel staff, and can provide high level and quality training and convention at your door and whenever you are in the world.

For training large group outside Australia, Elysium Finishing School will set up a special short term program or workshop that will benefit a lot your organization or your company.






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