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Etiquette Workshop

Elysium Superlative Programmes ( ESP) 2002-2003
Optimum number of Sessions: Three each day

Our multicultural programs are intended to improve individual character through training and knowledge. We help individuals develop the strength and self-confidence they need to be the best. Our specialists will tailor each programme to meet your group's needs.

Descriptions of Available Session:

Elysium Executive Etiquette
This seminar is designed to teach you to be polished and professional at all times. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This multicultural seminar is a concise overview of the variety of important subjects that Elysium covers at its Finishing School, but in a limited format.

Business Behavior At The Office Or While Traveling
This seminar concentrates on why your professional conduct is a reflection of your company whether "on the road" or in the office. There are important behavioral rules.

Who's Introduced To Whom
This seminar is designed to assist you in making proper introductions under various circumstances. It includes role-play, introductions of women to women, men to men, managers to employees, clients to employees. We will discuss sitting, standing, when and where.

How To Dress For Success
This seminar is designed to handle the touchy subject of western new fad of "Dress Down Fridays" or "Casual in the Workplace". What is considered appropriate attire and why? What is not appropriate and why? A matter of individual choice. Understanding the dynamics, proper time and place and value associated with "haute couture" 

E-mail Culture
This seminar is designed to focus on your improving your correspondence skills with family, friends, fellow employees or clients while communicating with e-mail.

How to Write A Thank-You Note And Why
This seminar is designed to focus on the art of writing a proper thank you note and what circumstances it is optional. How does the person receiving the thank you note perceive you?

The Art Of Listening
This seminar is designed to improve important relationships both personal and business. Our specialist will teach you the importance of communicating by listening to the wants and needs of the other person who is communicating. " Non- audio listening".

The Appropriate Use Of The Telephone
This seminar concentrates on the telephone being your first line of offense. When was the last time someone offended you on a business call? We will show you how to avoid this happening to you, your family or your company.

Strictly Business Sessions: 

Proper Etiquette While Dining With A Client
This seminar covers your comfort level while dining with a someone new to your world. When you meet you're a new friend or client at lunch for the first time, let us show you how to be at ease. We cover tips on sitting, napkins, waiting to begin, all those forks and all those glasses and help with little known secrets to make your time and effort a pleasant success.

Dealing With The Opposite Sex
This seminar will tactfully assist you and your employees in understanding acceptable international and multicultural guidelines for the respected workplace when it comes to interaction with the opposite sex. Practical suggestions on how to handle the situation before it goes too far.

Power Image without Intimidation: 

Achieving the delicate balance for success
Research proves it takes only 5 seconds to make an impression. That's powerful! In this seminar you will learn power skills that when used correctly in your business dealings and social lives will set you apart from others! Let's face it, people like to do business with people they like. 

Why not add yourself to that privileged list?
At the completion on this seminar you find greater self confidence with your new and reliable skills. Your image will be more powerful than it already is, and you will learn the right thing to do, know the right thing to say. In other words, you will have more power to help your family and in a better position to promote yourself and your business.

After you have completed this session you can Email us to find out about any of our other seminar topics for businesses, private consultations and children.

Elysium Superlative Seminars include additional skills :

Making Introductions
* The Basic Rules of Introducing Oneself and Others 
* Handshakes that grab respect 

Personal Qualities
* The First Impression 
* A Powerful Presence 

* Engaging Small Talk 
* Telephone as an effective selling tool 
* Netiquette 

Business Gift Giving
* Appropriate and tasteful Gifts that reflect sincerity and a quality image 

* The 'How To's of Travel in Limousines, Taxi Cabs and Yachts 
* How to be a Gracious Weekend Guest 
* A Night at the Opera, Symphony and Ballet 

Business & Social Communications
* Business Card Etiquette 
* Appropriate Stationery Wardrobe 
* Invitations that say "Yes" 
* How to write the perfect Thank You Note 
* Dress for Success at Every Occasion 
* Forms of Business Address 

Personal Security: 

Taking and Exercising responsibility for yourself, your family and business.

Ten ( 10) Strategies and Preplanning : It can be "Matter of life or death".

* Security Tips for the Commercial World Traveler; 
* Private Plane Discretion and Discernment 
* How to select a safe Hotel.
* What to do to protect yourself and your family when staying at private residence.
* How to become aware when using public transportation.
* How to become aware when being transported by private vehicles.
* Self defense basic techniques for you and your family.
* How to brief your own private security assistant.
* What to tell your family members when traveling anywhere: a Checklist.
* Why Assuring your own safety protects the family, friends and business associates.