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Nyulla's collection is so unique and elegant that it is creating a buzz around the neighborhood, that is why I am displaying her label in my boutique

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Nyulla Safi  ...  For Ever In The Memory Of Time





Nyulla Safi  ...  Design Is A Form Of Art


Dresses designed to charm

Nyulla Safi, was born in France and migrated to Australia. She is renowned for her exquisite creativity and exotic designs and patterns, "I never try to repeat myself," she says, adding "I want my designs to attract attention. For this, I blend many colors. I also choose my own fabrics, and I also choose my own materials and paint them according to my taste. Designing for me is a form of art that makes the dress more chic and elegant"


Awakening Sleeping Beauties

What style of evening wear suits you best? Single or double? Long or very short? For big bust or short torso, slim build or long torso, full or pear shape?

Well, it all depends on your proportions, body type and silhouette. This is the way Nyulla designs dresses that awaken sleeping beauties.

Nyulla's limited edition of exquisite evening wear becomes a vogue, "I particularly like the idea of revealing clothes because it shows the delicate body of a woman and makes her more feminine," Nyulla said, "and because it is a limited edition, I think that every woman should have an evening dress from my limited collection in her closet." 

-The Art of Being Different

"My label" she added, "is making great head waves here and it's totally feminine , exclusive and exquisite. For this reason, I have to work extra harder than the usual designer because I know I am bringing originality combined with modernity to this region of the world, this amalgamation is a pre-requisite for any woman", noting that "what a woman wears should reflect her personality, this entails a tremendous amount of respect and trust for her designer."

"The woman wants to look pretty", Nyulla Safi concluded, "and I want people to talk about my dress, so we both have something in common - to appear attractive, in our daily life, whether at home, outside or in the office."



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