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From: "Joseph bell" belljp comment= I met a young man here in Woburn , ma. from morocco and I am very impressed about the education and up bringing in your country and I have read recently that you have arrested a few al quaeda suspects and I do not want to get into politics ... anyway I am impressed by your web site and will try to educate myself about your culture . thank you. Joe bell 2 Ellis st Woburn ma 01801

From: "Jet Fanning" <jetf>: I am currently a US medical student. Upon completion of my degree, I am considering the potential of a medical practice in Rabat focusing on family, women's medicine, and pediatrics utilizing modalities such as homeopathy, botanical, nutritional, and chiropractic physical medicine. Since I am a woman- the article by Assia was quite fascinating to me, I wish to contact her. Please forward this note to her and others who may be able to provide more information about the opportunities in this area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, sincerely, Shawna Hasel dolceve

From: Jaki217650582 HELLO, I am so happy to see that there are many site where I can be informed about what's happening in Morocco today. And for that I would like to say THANK YOU. BUT I am a little disappointed because as a girl I would like to be informed about Moroccan fashion, about kaftans... Because I live in France and so it not that easy if you don't move to Morocco to be informed about what's new so my question is :" CAN YOU DO SOMETHING FOR PEOPLE IN SEARCH OF FASHION INFORMATION? "I would be so glad if I could have an answer Thank you by advance. 

"Ponja Davenport" <PDavenport> Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Do you have any articles about the Berber people living in Morocco? Also I'm looking for information on the status and roles women play in Morocco. I would greatly appreciate any information you could send me. Thank you. Ponja Davenport.

From: wjgrady : Subject: Peace Corps : Our son is in the Peace Corps, currently in Rabat, and we are curious about everyday life in the area. He will be in Safi later. He loves the country and the people and is enjoying the time he has been there. Thank you for your help.

From: Niman Nawar : uaman20 : Hi, I would like to make friendship with women for morocco. Can I? Please send e-mail - Best Regards

From: "Abdelkrim HAQIQ" <haqiq>My greeting to all of you'd like to discuss the following question with you: Why the relationships between the persons become increasingly material? I am awaiting your replies: Abdelkrim HAQIQ Researcher Abdelkrim HAQIQ Dept. of Systems & Computer Engineering Carleton University - Phone: +1 613 520-2600(ext. 5662(o), 1951(lab))1125 Colonel By Drive - Fax: +1 613 520- 5727 Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6 Email: haqiq CANADA

From: Khalid Maghribi <bakhaldoun>Well Abdelkrim, I don't agree with your statement to begin with. From my experience and from the experiences of people around me, I think that relationships tend to induce more social problems and interpersonal misunderstanding than they do material issues, unless you want to walk about wealthy people whom I don't find realistic...

Name: Roberta A. Schneider : Email: cookiebob - Location: Lansing, Il. United States Comments: I have friends that moved to the United States from Morocco around a year ago. They have told me a lot about Morocco and their people. I want to learn more.

Name: Gabrielle : Email:gabi406 : Location: Los Angeles, CA USA - Comments: Something strange happened to me this summer: I had to fly back to Germany, country of my birth, in June because my dear mother died suddenly. The day after her funeral, as I was sitting at a fountain in the city hall square, a handsome and charming Moroccan man started a conversation with me. He turned out to be very open, generous, kind, spiritual, positive, patient, speaking Arabic, French, and German... Well, we fell in love but had only four weeks together until I had to fly back to LA. Abdenasser hasn't been able to see his parents in Morocco for 9 years (his little sister was 8, and is 17 now), due to problems with his alien status in Germany. In January when he gets his papers, insha Allah, it will allow him to travel outside of Germany...we want to take a train down to Morocco to visit his family. We're also planning to visit his relatives in Rabat, Marrakesh, Agadir, and Fez. I've been wanting to see this exotic country all my life. The people are beautiful, the culture is unlike any other. Abdenasser has deep values and great understanding for other cultures, a great love of people, nature, and good food... (I'm so glad he can cook so well; just like my Ukrainian dad used to.) In fact, he reminds me a lot of my dad... Except that he is 9 years younger than me, what a gorgeous man! I'm not looking forward to the problems we're going to face with US immigration, however. Do other U.S. women (I'm a long-time permanent resident alien) with Moroccan fianc├ęs/husbands have visa experiences they want to share with me? Cultural/religious problems they faced in their relationship? Websites where I can learn some Arabic? Shokran for your help.

Name: Jamal : Email: jamalg : Location: mazatlan, Mexico Comments: Greetings from the beautiful Mexico to all my brothers around the whole world.

Name: Kristi : Email: kkoussih : Location: Ridgeland, MS USA Comments: I was married to a Moroccan for 5 1/2 years and still consider it one of the most special places on earth. I still have many Moroccan friends in Europe, Morocco and Orlando, Florida, where we used to live and where I became Muslim at the Goldenrod Masjid. ON my visits to Morocco, I fell in love with the people, the food, the culture and just everything about it. I have visited many areas of the country and look forward to continuing my visits to this fabulous place.

Name: Abdelkader : Location: Tangiers, Morocco (living in the U.S.A. Comments: WOW! I've been surfing the net for a while, but I've never seen a guest book like this one. I just wanted to come here and say how much I admired this site, all of a sudden I started reading what has been written here and it almost flipped my mind. hey, this is a great! and I want to be part of it. You can count on me. Abdelkader

Name: Youssef Elmoudden : Email: Ali-Babb Location: Kasa El Kebir, Morocco Comments: asalum alikum, I am a acrobat if there is any fellow acrobats in the US from Morocco, please e-mail, I would like to speak to fellow Moroccans!!!

Name: Almasude : Email: Almasude : Location: Florence, SC USA Comments: Thank you for the news and information.

Name: khalid alami : Email: moroccooo : Location: fort : plain, ny usa Comments: god bless my country morocco

Name: Michael mandryk :Location: Toronto, ont Canada Comments: fascination country, I am looking forward to visiting in November

Name: Ali : Location: Orlando, Florida U.S.A. : Comments: Thank you Samir about the Philadelphia Inquirer article. However, when I tried to check it out, I couldn't get the whole article; all I got is the following: SPAIN AND MOROCCO TOIL FOR DREAM A PROPOSED TUNNEL UNDER THE STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR IS SEEN AS "THE FUTURE OF AFRICA." The ferryboats glide out of the port, their deep horns like percussion for the prayer calls from the mosque. As night falls, you can see dimly through the haze the lights from the coast of Spain twinkling with the allure of the wealth that lies on the other side of the waters. As far as many Moroccans are concerned, there but for fortune they would be living in Europe. Complete article Your search terms appear 11 times in this article That was all I got. When I clicked on 'complete article', I was asked to come up with a password. Do you have to subscribe to Philadelphia Inquirer to get some of those articles on line? Peace

Name: News Editor : Email: news : Comments: Ref: The Straits of Gibraltar article: The article can also be viewed from Morocco Today site, Thanx for Samir and his feedback.

Name: Samir : Email: Arrech : Location: Baltimore, MD USA : Comments: A proposed tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar is seen as  ; the future of Africa; Spain and Morocco toil for dream. This article was by  ;Philadelphia Inquirer ; newspaper, and discusses a project development partnership between Morocco and Spain. The postulated development plan involves a 17-mile tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar that would connect Northern Morocco to Southern Spain and/or Africa to Europe. The underwater tunnel development team consists of Moroccan-Spanish engineers with the assistance of Japanese experts for doing the feasibility study. Imagine the endless opportunities that this project would open up to all of us!!!  It would be a revolution that would radically transform the entire infrastructure of the region said Abdel Aziz Mezian, an engineer who is in charge of the project from the Moroccan side. Although the task is not easy and it will require time and money; the Moroccan government along with the Spanish government are still firmly behind the project. For more details see the output of this article at www. (under Sunday national news) Samir : Salamu Alaikum

Name: Tangaui : Amsterdam : Comments: Maghreb is the best, Allah bless Maghreb 

Name: Ali : Comments: I just love this page. Really !! I am Ali and it is a good thing that a lot of readers confuse me with others. Thank you.

Name: Assouaf : Email: Assouaf Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. United States Hello fellow country men, I am new around her but I like what I see so far . God bless Morocco and all of you out there