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The web should prepare for a non-English majority : Creativity and Cultural Translation, not language translation, A Priority

Therefore ...

We Love What You Do, And Do What We Love!

Therefore ...

We opened this Internet Avenue to continue our research on the information technology challenge, and we are sure to succeed because we are creative, up to date and more importantly, we extremely love what we are doing through studies and research, and the sky will not be the limit. 








Multi-language web-pages are becoming the norm

This predominance on-line of non - English - speaking users means it's imperative for you to begin offering multiple language choices on you Web sites.

Nyulla Safi,  a photo-journalist and designer, marketing manager of Internet Avenue informed her customers that: "We know you work hard getting traffic to your Web pages, so it's ludicrous to then just commit suicide with bad communication or some poor translation software getting in the way. For you pages to be successful, you need to communicate and build a relationship with potential buyers."

"Sites interested in marketing to a world-wide audience aren't just faced with the burden of language translation, but also with the issue of cultural translation. We believe that we, people on the content creation side, have to do much more than simple language translation, we have to be creative, culturally literate and to have a grasp of the idiomatic sayings and "quips" that make marketing successful."

Media and Information Technology Association (MITA), formed by experienced senior editors, journalists, photographers, senior and chief editors and multi-lingual translators based, operating and coordinating their efforts on-line from different countries for more than twenty years now, is currently forming partnership with professionals in media, marketing and information to create state of the art multi - lingual virtual avenue web that respects the norms of cultural translation and professional journalistic editing, and dynamic and effective marketing..

Millions of visitors and surfers, from different countries and cultures, speaking different languages, from all over the world, will meet daily in the Avenue, therefore it is the best opportunity for you  to secure a place there if you really want to do good business on-line, all you have to do is to make your presence in this avenue, we will take care of the rest.

Recent studies concluded that by 2002, the majority of world-wide Internet users will be non-English-speaking; and three years later, 6 out of 10 Internet users are expected to speak a language other than English.

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