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Welcome to Morocco: where beauty, history and originality combine with modernity

Tourism: A Passport For Peace

Observers of Morocco's constantly evolving tourism scenery never fail to be impressed by the originality, creativity, inspiration, imagination and diversity of the country's background, history, social environment and landscape - and this is exactly what distinguishes Morocco most strongly from other countries of the world.Tourism: A Passport For Peace

This is why every year, close to three million people are gathering from all corners of the world under the sun of Morocco, under the symbol of peace, in friendship and mutual understanding, presenting an opportunity for underlining the role of Tourism in our world. Better still, tourism can become an unrivaled instrument for people to get to know each other, and with that knowledge learn to appreciate each other.

Morocco: A Country Of International Vocation

And we intend to make our contribution to the universal work of peace

As a depository of mixed heritage, Morocco has been and remains the supreme meeting place of the highest Mediterranean and African civilizations. It is also a place where so many and cultural influences have been mixed together that it has attained a certain balance, which in turn has given special traits to our Moroccan features.

Enjoying a privileged geographical position, facing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, this fusion of natural and cultural elements largely explains our country's real international vocation and its hospitality which more than acquired quality is part of the very essence of Moroccans.

One of the major tasks Morocco has set itself is to welcome as privileged guests, those visitors who come to visit us, to see us, to show them our past, present as well as our permanent human, cultural and traditional wealth, and the efforts we deploy to safeguard and improve constantly.

In our opinion, it is the best way to get us known and appreciated, and this is the surest way for our people to obtain access to the peculiarities and secrets of other countries and civilizations.

For these reasons, whether spiritual, historic, natural or economic, we intend to make our contribution to the universal work of peace, and to honor with the attention it merits this new and peaceful form of exchange of ideas and links, which is certainly one of the most important and remarkable phenomena of this new millennium.Discover a pluralistic culture

Discover a pluralistic culture

A visit to Morocco is a journey that will never end, in your mind, whenever you are in the world

Morocco is a pluralistic culture, inevitably split along the same lines that demarcate its multi-faceted society - popular and elitist, urban and rural. Such diversity is inherent in Moroccan culture, past and present : a social and historical diversity whose every element embodies pluralism,. It is the product of many civilizations: Berber, African, Arab, Islamic, Jewish and European.

Only in Morocco, you can leave all these cultures, inside these cultures, in one culture, the Moroccan culture of today. A visit to this Magic Kingdom will prove this thesis, just come, visit, walk in Moroccan streets, mix with people, try to be one of them, smell the aroma of Morocco, and then you will discover that your real visit to Morocco is a journey that will never end, in your mind, whenever you are in the world.






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