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Ismahane Elouafi ... And A "Morocco" Evening ... In Ninomiya House, Japan ...  On August 9th

Morocco - The Magic Land of Contrast

Few weeks ago, the administration of Ninomiya House in Japan contacted Ismahane Elouafi, a Moroccan Ph.D Post-Doctoral fellow at Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, asking her to talk to a cosmopolitan audience of intellectuals and scholars based in Japan about her country, Morocco. Isma accepted to give her seminar on August 9th 2002.

Isma is inviting those who would like to share knowledge about a country and a place she loves, saying that: "the world is a panache of beauty, tradition and varied cultural and art forms. I would like to share with you my modest knowledge and perception of my charming, scenic and picturesque country, one of the most wonderful and beautiful places I've ever seen. I always call it the Magic Land."

"It is a real country of contrasting landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Morocco brims over with contrast, color and mystery and all you can do is simply catch your breath in wonder. It has a timeless quality that no longer exists in the modern world, a sense that the past with all its glory and savagery still lives on, threading in and out of the present, informing with its every word and gesture. It is a wonderful place with a long and lasting history."

If you think you should know more about it, then I will be very happy to see you in Ninomiya House, Japan on August 9th, 2002.