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Morocco : Introduction


Morocco : A Country Of Contrast

Morocco is a North African country overlooking Europe. As late King Hassan II once said, Morocco's roots are in Africa and its branches are in Europe.

The people of Morocco, from early ages until now, have been influenced the political, economic, cultural and artistic environment of a mixture of various ancient civilization, this reality has sometimes even gave birth to new forms of thinking and expression.

I wish somebody else will write about Morocco, but I will write myself about my charming, scenic, and picturesque country, one of the most stable, wonderful and beautiful countries in the world. I always call it The Magic Kingdom.

Morocco, for me, as well as for many other foreigners I have met, visitors of Morocco and readers of Morocco Today, is a real country of contrast.

I know this, and this is a reality. I lived, studied and worked in Morocco  before I become a globe trotter journalist, I have seen so many countries in Europe and on the Atlantic Ocean far coasts, and I can say, my country, Morocco, is unique. 

The Editor