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Internet is undoubtedly the fastest growing technology of the century. Connecting people globally, it is rightly called the information highway’. On the Internet you can find information related to all topics, just a mouse-click away from you. It is through this medium that you can reach a greater number of people than ever before. 

There are a number of Moroccan websites on the net and among them an interesting and most comprehensive one: ‘Morocco Today" at:

Morocco Today covers each and every aspect of Morocco today, news, information, economy, trade, tourism, society, culture, literature, education, arts, music, painting, cinema, basically it is a guide to those studying, visiting or planning to visit or invest in Morocco, or even to live in this beautiful, stable and strategically well located country.

The site was created by a group of dynamic high educated Moroccans living abroad that includes editors, journalists, businessmen and students, with coordination with their colleagues in Morocco, and with many freelancers of different nationalities  from all over the world. among lovers, friends and enthusiasts of Morocco.

Mr. H. B. Qounin, chief editor of the print edition of Morocco Today, and editor of the electronic version, talking about the reason for putting up such a site says: “I was planning to write a book about Morocco, and when I searched the Net for information about it, I could not get all I wanted. So I decided to come up with a website that will have details about various aspects of life in Morocco.” 

So many people dream to visit this magic kingdom, therefore we built this website so that they can at least get enough information about the country. As Internet can be accessed by people all over the world, this site can help them in learning a lot about us Moroccans, about our history, culture, and aspirations for a better future. 

Morocco Today print edition was launched in 1981. the electronic one was launched in 1996 and until now more than 30 million people have visited it and many emails have been received regarding not only the site, but also about living, visiting, studying and investing in Morocco. Many educational institutions and universities in the U.S.A and Europe are using the content of the site for their educational purposes on research, teaching,  geography, history, civilization, culture, women issues, journalism and literature in Morocco.