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Moroccan Newspaper Launches an Online Meeting Place 

Casablanca, Morocco - October 1, 2002 - A Moroccan Newspaper Editor residing abroad has launched an online meeting place for scholars, journalists, trainees, retired people, students, investors, businessmen, and those looking for internship, from all over the world. The web site, Morocco Today, which has been in operation for six years, will officially launch a new service on October 1. The website section "Welcome" will serve as a forum where Morocco Today readers can meet, discuss, exchange ideas and opinions, and form relationships. 

H. B. Qounin, founder of this service said: "In my travels all over the world, specially in Europe, the Middle East and USA, I have found that many people do heard about my country, Morocco, but they think it is difficult to visit, because they do not have a forum to meet, interact, date and form relationships. To this end, the Welcome Meeting Place will provide a safe and hassle free environment for adult foreign nationals, students and professionals of all shades, colors and religions, from Hawaii to Dakar to meet and form relationships with Moroccan people living in Morocco or outside, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or in the Americas." 

Some people have a natural seductiveness, a charisma. This is also true of countries, not necessarily those that are the most opulent nor the most beautiful, but those that have, by the grace of God, a power of attraction others do not have.

Morocco is undeniably one such country, as proven by the number and quality of people who have chosen it as home, who regularly go there as others might go to Greece or Tuscany distinguished writers and sophisticated bohemians, not to mention those who are both, artists and showbiz stars, great directors and beautiful actresses.

What is it here in the extreme northern part of Africa that attracts these birds who have traveled across the world and who have chosen to stay in a palace in Marrakesh or a grand hotel in Tangier?

Of course, it is not difficult to reply objectively. The sumptuousness and variety of its scenery, the profusion of figures created by its craftsmen, the splendor of the monuments and towns.

Morocco has no lack of treasures which enjoy a special dimension conferred on them by a long history. And then there is the cuisine enriched by three cultures and the Moroccan hospitality offered at each encounter.

But though one can make a list of all the elements making up morocco, something intangible still remains which defies description.

It is as if the Moroccan mosaic only existed to make us find ourselves, to help us discover our inner truth and to achieve our dreams. This kaleidoscope of images that is morocco remains in fact something that everyone shapes himself, by delving in a prodigious reservoir of emotions and ideas, of faces and images.

Asked what separated this Welcome service from other interactive services, Mr. H. B. Qounin had this to say," Welcome" is an experiment in social reengineering, which will have social and economic implications for Morocco" This is an opportunity for us to bring online interactivity to Moroccans and other foreign nationals all over the world. 

No stranger to the "Welcome" section, the founder of Morocco Today has already begun conversations with many leading tours operators to form strategic alliances and partnership.

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