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Are women active in Moroccan society?

Moroccan Women TodayThe best answer to this question can be found in the speech delivered by Mrs. Farida Jaidi, the new consul general of the Kingdom of Morocco to Canada, which we include at the end of this report. We do not also want to miss another answer by our colleague, Mr. A. Khouibaba who wrote in Maghreb Observateur: "The arrival Mrs. Farida Jaidi, the new Moroccan consul general to Canada is a message seen by many as a call for competence. Today, in order to know if "the woman is active in the Moroccan society? " one can quite simply answer "call 514-288-8750." It can really be said that a new air blows in the Kingdom of Morocco. Mohammed VI, Moroccan Ambassador to Canada and the new consul general, Mrs. Jaidi have the same vision. But it is not enough to listen to them, better look at their actions. As soon as she took office, the first file Mrs. Jaïdi dealt with was that of the transpiration of Moroccans abroad to return or visit their country. She already contacted the persons in charge of the Moroccan carrier Royal Air Morocco to study the possibilities of making the trip of our compatriots to Morocco the most enjoyable and profitable.

Taking floor in front of the members of the Federation, Mrs. Jaidi insisted on taking concrete actions rather than just words and promises. She did not cease repeating: " Stop seeing what Morocco can give you; Morocco needs you ". If the course of this lady can be followed, one can discover the wealth our country finally starts to exploit and the competences Morocco possesses. Farida is holder of a high grade license in public right in Bordeaux. Mrs. Jaidi speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish and Arab. She served in Europe- America Division of the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry, then she was transferred to Rome where she served from 75 to 83. Head of Service at the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization and with the Security Council from 1985 to 1990, head of Service for conferences and International Organizations involved in economy from 1990 to 1993, head of Division of Regional and International Economic Co-operation from 1993 to 1995, director of multilateral cooperation from 1995 to 1999, and today, general consul of the Kingdom of Morocco to Montreal.

"Stop seeing what Morocco can give you; Morocco needs you"

Said Mrs. Farida Jaidi, General Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco To Canada

Now we leave our readers with the address of Mrs. Jaidi, consul general of Morocco to Canada, delivered upon her arrival to Ottawa in the presence of a crowd of Canadian officials and Moroccans abroad. She said: "I would like first of all to thank all those who since my arrival, did not cease multiplying the gestures of friendship, support and solidarity enabling me to foresee that my mission will be crowned with success. I would like to say how much I am happy to find myself in Canada in general, and Montreal in particular, among a Moroccan community which is a pride for Morocco, from its intellectual level, its dynamism, its work and achievement and its discipline. My wish is that with the help of the Moroccan community in Canada and its assistance, I can make the Kingdom of Morocco known among Canadians, his weaknesses and his insufficiencies, but especially his enormous qualities, his wealth and his potentialities. I would like at the same time to reinforce the links between the community and the Moroccan associations in Canada with Morocco and his associations, and reinforcing by the same time the co-operation between Canada and the Kingdom of Morocco. I would like that we can work together, endeavor and multiply the actions and the activities in all aspects, be it consular, social, cultural, economic, tourist and sports activities, etc. To achieve all these goals, we have to dedicate time and efforts to know each other, to appreciate each other. Therefore, I would like to ask every Moroccan present in Canada to communicate us his contact information and his availability to us. Even if he does not need us, We do need him.






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