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Nyulla Safi

Born in France is of Moroccan-French origin, and immigrated to Australia. A former photo journalist and model, Nyulla Safi studied International Peace and Conflict resolutions and finished Global Terrorism studies in 2000, then continued her studies on Conflict in the Middle East and Family Law and has written many articles on the subject of conflict resolution and peace.

Today, she continues practicing journalism for which she has a great love, and she enjoys her time, letÂ’s say, most of her time creating first class designs, her collection has attracted high acclaim and been covered by the media, she is one of the most prominent fashion designers sought after by international fashion events.

Nyulla studied, and therefore speaks Japanese, Indonesian, French, English languages and understand some Arabic. She is a poetry lover.

She has traveled extensively during her photo journalism assignments in many countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.