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To: editor : Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:25:16 -0700 - Subject: interesting publication : From: gabbib : I recently met someone who is currently residing in Morocco. As I am not familiar with the area or the country I decided to do a little research. While doing a search on the web I came across your website. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your publication. I as doubly impressed that it was available on line in different languages. I look . forward to reading more issues. Gretchen Boothe, United States of America

Subject: Interest in Morocco - Greetings from Sydney Australia. We are interested in your wonderful country and my wife and I intend to visit in a few months time.
We are currently researching and learning about Morocco and hope you can assist us with two questions. 1. What is the most popular food of Morocco? We understand The Harira is the national soup and during 30 days of Ramadan, every house prepares this perfumed soup which impregnates the streets of its scent at the sundown. We understand it is eaten with dates, or honey sweeties (Chabakkia, briouats with almonds an honey). 2. What is the most popular drink of Morocco? 
Sincerest regards,  John Duffy

From: "RPW" <dusky226> Hi, I was wondering what I would have to do to get a real copy of your newspaper for June 18, 2002. All I need is the front page, but I am willing to pay for the full price. I live in California, USA. Please send me any info you may have, thank you! Sincerely, Ryan Ward

From: "Rashid belaid" <rashid7> Dear Sirs, I research the newspaper "Morocco Today". Where is it available ? I live in France. Thank you to tell me where I can find it. Rachid

From: "Darrell Gross" <darrellgross> To: editor Comment: As an American I want to express my heart-felt thanks to the Morocco
government for intercepting and alleviating a terrorist threat by al-Qaeda ­ the most hate-filled terrorist organization in world history. This was a serious situation which not only targeted the United States, but all free countries around the world that want to live in peace. With all of the large countries in North America, Europe and Asia, the Moroccan government should be proud to know that they are an important part of keeping the WHOLE WORLD safe. God Bless You All. Thank You and Love from all Americans and Freedom-Loving People World-wide! Darrell Gross - Lexington, KY USA

From "Bruce Tyre" <al-bat> name=Bruce Tyre comment= As an American, I would like to thank the wonderful Moroccan people and their courageous government for their assistance to America in our fight against terrorism.