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Fez, Morocco - May 28 - June 11, 2002

8th Annual
World Sacred Music

The Real Innocent and pure Transcendentalism

A festival of sacred music from the world's main religions is opens every year in the Moroccan spiritual city of Fes to promote understanding between spiritual traditions and focuses mostly on the dialogue of civilizations. 

Travelers from all over the world will meet again, next year, in the holy city of Fez, Morocco, for the Annual World Sacred Music Festival, where leading musicians of world caliber will share sacred music from the spiritual traditions of both East and West. They will meet in Fez in the spirit of this unique multi-cultural event and experience the beauty and majesty of the world's most moving spiritual music. 

Some places, across this world, are favorable to the enrichment of human beings and the elevation of their soul. Some privileged moments to meet can transform all of us to the essence of a relationship much deeper and real for each other. Some actions, some attitudes, eventually some thoughts can express so many calls to overcome limitation and create the desire of blissfulness.  

It is in this theme, The Dialogue of Civilizations, an exchange of ideas and opinions in the path of knowledge that the World Sacred Music Festival of Fes invites us every year. To many contemporary thinkers, our world is entering a new paradigm where divisions between men extend beyond social borders into the realm of culture ideologies. From such a statement, one can expect either the best or worst: a future of conflict or peace. 

Since its inception, the Fes Festival of the World Sacred Music has been working towards, a path to peace, a forum for artistic experiences, diversity of thought and spirituality, a place where the people of the World unite and interact, in a open dialogue, about universal values which is defined by the preservation of freedom. This remains the core mission of the Festival and one of its urgent goals. 

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