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African Diamonds in the Rough

Below is a short article James Saba would like to share with our readers. It is 
believed that the truths it embodies will provide millions of people with a new self respect and confidence to express their inherent beauty.

Evolution and its Dependence on DNA Sequence Variation 

Evolution is among those highly controversial subjects. Yet it's worth serious consideration since it is often from just such controversies that significant advances in our understanding of the world have occurred. Scientifically, evolution the only reasonable explanation as to how increasingly complex forms of life arose during Earth's history. 

The basis of heritable characteristics in life is a long polymer called DNA, whose sequence of monomers code for proteins, such as hair. DNA is constantly undergoing changes (mutations), and the resulting sequence variations are the basis of the physical characteristics that distinguish living things. 

DNA variations are also the "building blocks" which evolution utilizes to advance. While most mutations are either without immediate effect or are detrimental, a small number are advantageous. 

For example, let us assume that a newly appearing variation resulted in better eyesight. The lucky recipient might be better equipped in gathering food. If so, she would have a better chance of surviving and sexually reproducing; passing on the enhanced eyesight to her offspring. 

Africa and Human Evolution 

It is highly likely, based on fossils and DNA sequence analyses, that humans evolved from Africa. There appears to have been multiple "out of Africa" migrations of new and improved humans; those prior being displaced or assimilated by the those in the subsequent migration wave. Consistent with these findings, it has been found that the DNA of Africans is the most variable of any race. 

The exceptionally variable DNA of Africans should be likened to the rich variation of life found in coral reefs and rain forests (such as in Africa). 

It's truly a great irony, considering the abuse of Africans, that it is their DNA relative to those of other races which probably holds the greatest promise in advancing human genetics.