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A First Stewardess Profile

Recognized by the Ministry of CIvil Aviation, and with more than 5000 flying hours with a prestigious European airline company, registered from flying book till end of the year 2001, Alissa Erchakova decided to change the course of her career and has opted to look for better perspective in working with an international business man's private jet.

Her professional training qualifies her for the job, as she studied various courses that make her services valuable for prestigious business companies eater to receive first class services, among the subjects she studied, political educational work, economy foundation of civil aviation, air-right and law preparation, geography, construction and special equipment of board, plane construction, service of passengers during the flight, emergency and safety works, medical services, air carriage, board meals organization, services during the flight, civil defense, foreign languages, physical training, special preparation for VIP, diplomatic and etiquette manners.

Alissa can also take care of secretarial duties, as she is a certified computer literate in MS-DOS, Windows, Excel, Word, Power Point. and of course she is an avid user of Internet and e-mail, she is holder of a recognized certificate on the mater with the mention: Excellent.

Alissa is holder of many diploma and certificate in her field. One is from Komi Management of Civil Aviation, on study-training detachment, certifying that he had passed theoretical courses of stewardess promote qualification, according to the program provided by the first assistant of Minister of Civil Aviation, of course she demonstrated excellent results.

She also had passed the courses on the program "Stewardess" / courses of promote qualification, organized by Komi region center of Passenger Air Carriage and received a certificate on the subject.

She is also holder of a certificate certifying that she masters the courses concerning first stewardess preparations and demonstrated good skills and knowledge on her duties.

Alissa is not wasting her time, she is now studying more to be more proficient in French and Arabic languages,