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During my recent visit to Tan-Tan

"During my recent visit to Tan-Tan," said James Williams from Morocco Today, "I discovered a really promising region, totally different from the one I visited four years ago. The most attracting improvement I discovered is the harmony that exists between the public sector and the private sector to boost all sectors of the economy in Tan-Tan province."

While the public sector in Tan-Tan province is providing infrastructure and play the facilitating role, the private sector is spearheading the development activities envisaged under various economic programs which provides a major role for the private sector in almost all the sectors of the economy, particularly fishing, tourism, trade, transport, real estate, services industries, finance and banking, business- support. private services and manufacturing.

Tan-Tan Province fronts the Atlantic Ocean (northwest), and is bounded by the province of Guelmim (east) and the Moroccan province of es-Semara (south) and Laâyoune province (southwest).

Tan-Tan is located in southwestern Morocco. The town, about 16 mi (25 km) by road east of the Atlantic Ocean in the extreme northwestern reaches of the Moroccan Sahara.

Tan-Tan embraces an area of 6,678 sq mi (17,295 sq km). The territory that now comprises Tan-Tan province became a part of the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco (the area defined as an integral part of Morocco by a Franco- Spanish convention in 1912) known variously as the Tekla zone, Tarfaya zone, or Spanish Southern Morocco. This region was returned to Morocco in 1958 and in 1976 Tan-Tan province was established in its northwest corner.

Tan-Tan province is a relatively flat, stony plain with occasional intermittent stream beds, low-lying mountains, ridges, and saline depressions; sand dune beaches and high cliffs are found on the Atlantic coast. Ocean fog preserves limited scrub growth near the coast.

Nomads are increasingly raising sheep rather than camels, and practicing transhumance. The population of Tan-Tan province is estimated at 58.079.

Tan-Tan the town becomes Tan-Tan the city. Tan-Tan province is now becoming Tan-Tan the provincial, regional capital of the future, The annual Mussem, a commercial and religious fair, attracts traders and nomads from as far away as Senegal and Marrakech; camels and sheep are exchanged for grains, tea, sugar, and other necessities.

Today, Tan-Tan is changing to a promising business center rising from a glorious past and attractive potentials for investors and businessmen.

Picture: TE GUEDRA DANCE- The women dancers kneel and are completely covered with a black veil. The steady rhythm like a beating heart brings out the hands that describe vivid and expressive motions. The head is revealed, with eyes closed, swaying like a pendulum. The rhythm is supplied by a "Guedra" or cooking pot (an earth ware drum covered with skin).







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