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High Atlas Mountains- Paradise untouched

By: Nyulla Safi

A destination with few matches, hidden secrets and domain of
The imagination. Those who know about it would rather you didn't.

In my dream the moment I arrive at the High Atlas Mountains, I am thunderstruck
By the spectacular beauty of this hidden world. I have just entered
A secret and pre-historic world.

The Mountains are part the Kingdom of Morocco and a place of breathtaking grandeur with pristine sites.

Apart from the many magnificent and exciting sceneries with
Numerous versatile views and a climate that has blessed it, these
Mountains are fast becoming the Mecca for visitors of Morocco.

They are as close to paradise as you're likely to get.
Mother nature has been generous to this region. It's untamed
Beauty easily casts a spell on you.

A whole new feeling comes upon you. A frighteningly exciting and overwhelming feeling leaves you spellbound. It would be wise to allow yourself to yield to this temptation.

The magic of the high Atlas Mountains evokes a special response from the Berbers, Arabs and tourists alike. Overwhelmingly beautiful, secluded and exquisitely appealing.

One could easily seat upon a rock, by shallow rivers and diversity and immerse in their thoughts. Contemplated the silence, this is your moment alone with this forbidden world... The music of a bird and the beauty of the scenery could disturb your thoughts. It is quite easy to loose
All sense of time in this part of the world.

There is no crime for indulgence in this extravagant
Area, rich in diverse pleasures and natural treasures.

A fascinating beauty enhanced by its naturalness. Contrasts,
Adventure and amazement. The High Atlas Mountains are Quite
Contagious and intoxicating.

To fully comprehend this remarkable area, one needs to be invited by a Mountain Berber for a guided walk.

Your eyes could easily feast on the natural charms of here. An immense
Appetite ready to devour breathtaking images.

If you are fortunate enough to discover this world of wilderness and the richness of this sacred area then be still and memories the moment, for another chance may not come your way again. It is an experience of the richness for this sacred area.

I am certainly charmed with the beauty of its blue sky, and its depth and purity, the brilliance of the Berbers and the. I am also unbelievably fortunate to catch a rare glimpse of such rare magnificence
Boyd's forest dragon.

Every year people from around the world flock in numbers to
Visit this cherished treasure.

A Walk, a repose near by a rock soaking up the ambiance or simply finding your entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at the versatility are merely some of the experiences you can enjoy.
They are quite inspiring.

When exploring this amazing location a feeling of stillness, a strange and
Almost extraordinary calm comes over you. Before you know it, you find
Yourself trying to absorb every piece of knowledge about these Mountains. .
There is an intense urge to learn and understand why nature goes to so
Much trouble to grow produces such wealth.

There are so many activities to enjoy, your only predicament
Will be to have enough time to do it all?

I have discovered one place, which is unique in the world, where melodious
Birds sing madrigals, and the bright sun teases your skin. An area of mighty contrasts and dimensions, just might help you find your smile, should it happen that you may have lost it somewhere along the way.
Two things you must not do when you visit here. You must not try
And explain the overwhelming feeling you experience. Your mind will
Overflow with thoughts, but none could do it justice; and please do not
Hurry. Rest a while and enjoy this unique wealth of treasures.

Alas! poor world, what riches we have and what fools we are to take them
For granted.






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