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Morocco Today : A Moroccan Jew

Memorable Souvenirs

By A. Pinhass

I was born in Morocco, studied in Essaouira. I am now living in Canada, but every year, a trip to Morocco with my family is a must, I could not live without visiting the country where I spent my childhood, where I got the education entitling me now to have a good position in the media.

In October 1985, Moroccan Jews settled in countries all over the world -including Israel- founded the World Assembly of Moroccan Jewry. The goals of this organization are to preserve the Moroccan Jewish cultural heritage, to strengthen the sties of Moroccan Jews throughout the world with the Kingdom, and to work towards peace in the middle East.

I will be in Morocco again this year, and I hope I will spend memorable days with my family there and visit the old streets I still keep a memory, specially in Mogador. Morocco underwent so much development but I could not understand these magic streets where I can still see myself running and playing football with my inmates.