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In accordance with the EASTERN philosophy, five elements i.e. water, Air, earth, Cosmos (Sky), and Energy are five essentials for life - without any of the elements the life is impossible.

Water amongst all the elements is most essential and due to man made pollution; the water is becoming more and scarcer on the planet Earth, where we live. The major cause is pollution resulting in global warming and unscrupulous abuse of water resources. Disturbance of ecological equilibrium, hygrographs of the earth by unscientific construction of dams and destruction of rain forests act as catalytic agents in producing water scarcity.

Many a conventions have been held, Governments of industrially developed and developing countries have made great strides towards raising concerns but very little has been done to retard the pace of pollution and discovering the ways and means to at least maintain the precious water resources and find alternative sources for water.

Few dedicated and very little known individuals have done some work in at least arresting the trend and provide simple solutions for the problem. Gulam Ali Sajanlal is one such human being who has been tirelessly trying to retard the pollution and suggest ways and simple means to protect the environment. The beauty of his suggestions is that these are simple, mundane and very economical so as to be within reach of the common man.

Mr. Gulam Ali's first exploit and his passion, apart from his work is utilization of waste material for education, environment protection and adding value to the human life. Dubai Government and public have both appreciated his passion.

The second discovery given by him to the community of Dubai and UAE is ECO water, a device to utilize the condensate from the air conditioners - a phenomenon observed by all of us but none gave any thought to use this water waste for useful purposes. He utilized this water from air conditioner at his residence for collection and irrigation of his little but beautiful garden. According to Gulam Ali three liters of water per ton of air conditioning capacity is wasted per hour. This single act itself wastes around 528 billion Gallons of water in the Middle East. Main Features of the Guam's contribution to the society are:

1. Does not cost any thing and is the purest water available.

2. Does not disturb the ecological equilibrium- it adds only one extra process to the cycle of natural disposal.

3. Incorporated in the new multi storied towers and complexes costs nothing but saves on the water cost and consumption.

4. Laboratory tests have shown that this water is fit for human consumption.

5. The water so generated may be easily re-circulated for the toilets, irrigation and laundry etc.

6. Saves money by reducing the water consumption and lesser strain on the sewer system.

Yet Another Ace:

Middle-East-based Inventor & Environmentalist Gulam Ali Sajanlal after successfully demonstrating the above eco friendly generation of water and saving waste has hit another six in the field of irrigation and reducing waste and growing healthier plants. This method has been successfully exploited by him for his lawn and little garden. This technology can be successfully used in the garden and farming in the arid zones where water evaporation rates are very high. This however does not restrict its use in the other areas.

The Technology:

The technology is very simple, user friendly and cost effective for use by common population as well as rich - by the farmers, home lawn owners, small planters and nurseries.

This consists of driving a tube of designed size with small holes drilled in the underground portion of the pipe and filling it with manure or organic fertilizers up to half and topping it up with water. Water with nutrients from the organic fertilizer in the pipe reaches directly to the roots of the plant/plants and thus reduces the consumption of water, reduces evaporation of water to almost zero level and also reduces fertilizer consumption.

This simple and effective method may be widely used for all purpose irrigation. The experiment may be seen by the interested persons at the villa of Mr. Gulam Ali in Dubai by invitation, write to us.






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