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From : leena-maija.talikka name=Leena-Maija Talikka - comment= I would be very interested in reading about the education, youth programmes and health issues in your nesletter
in , addition to the financial news, thank you in advance shokran! (Nov 18, 2001)

From : RachelCater  I have import & wholesale high quality organic ambient food products from many European countries and Canada. Can you let me know if there is an easy way of getting in contact with organic food producers in Morocco who might be interested in having a good distributor in the UK? Many thanks, Catherine Menist - Rachel Cater Foods. (Nov 17, 2001)

From : bill.daly Hello, I wonder whether you could provide me with any information about the following, or suggest where I might be able to get information? I believe there may be, or may have been, a white horse hill figure or hill carving in Morocco. A book on hill figures published in 1949 refers to "a white horse of unknown origin on a mountain in the Riff country in North Africa". I assume this refers to Er Rif or Riff in Morocco. No further details are given. I haven't been able to find any more information about this in print or on the web. I hope you may be able to help me. Bill Daly. (Nov 16, 2001)

From : KhalidaAkoub I am writing to see if you can help me in a general enquiry or if 
you can let me know of someone who will be able to help. I am Insha Allah intending to move to Nador in Morocco in the future and have been looking at doing a TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) course and would like advise on how well this is recognised in the country. I would really appreciate your help in  this matter  - Salam - Khalida Akoub. (Nov 15, 2001)

From : "NADIA BABAHAJI" ndb681 I am trying to locate a friend that I have not seen for many years. Her name is Nawale Chawad. I would like to find her if possible. Can 
you help? (Nov 14, 2001)

From : kalumiana I'am a Zambia sports journalists who would like to know what the
latest is on tomorrows friendly tie between Morocco and Zambia. (Nov 13, 2001)

From: oulad_youssef I like your website very much and I would like to congratulate you on a fine job. You have made it. (Nov 12, 2001)

From: amal.amary, To : editor Subject : European issues and compliments. attn. Chief Editor H. B. Qounin - Dear Mr. Qounin, First of all I would like to compliment you on your work that you have completed all these years, and still. 
In your paper I have always read a lot of issues in regards to Morocco what is only natural. But what about the Moroccan people outside of Morocco. The issues they struggle with, and fighting o get a position in the tough European society and further in the world of course. Kind regards.

From: beya.ouadi, Je tiens à vous féliciter pour la qualité de votre site et la grande 
qualité avec laquelle il est conçu, sur le plan de son contenu comme sur celui de sa remarquable présentation.

From: mediatheque name=TAOUFIQ CHERKAOUI - comment=Hello, First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for this venture (Your campaign to provide computers to Moroccan students and schools.) It is such a pleasure to see that everyone is working hard to turn around the social and economic situation in Morocco.
I think it would attract more people. At the end of the day this is a serious cause, and one has to give it a serious touch. I have talked to my colleagues about our cause, and to people of interest. Yours. Sincerely, Taoufiq Cherkaoui

From: Shani.Colvin, name=SHANI COLVIN. Comment: Your website is informative, interesting and a pleasure to read.

name = Mohamed Kassi, Germany: kassi - comment = I'm very proud of you A great website way to go Morocco the most beautiful country in the world I miss you all a lot : dima Maghreb.

Hi I am fro Iraq living in Canada and I am very empress to see and read morocco today .keep the good work and god bless you. jinan sleiwa - 537 bloor st.w - Toronto ,ont . m5s 1y5 - Canada annex2cup

From: stacylee42, To Whom it may Concern - I was wondering if one of your journalists would mind taking a few moments of their time to answer a couple of questions for me. I am currently a student at the University of QLD in Australia. I am currently studying Comparative Media Studies. I would be more than appreciative if you could tell me about the media theory in which your newspaper abides by. Whether it be the Authoritarian theory, the Soviet Communist theory, the Libertarian theory or the Socially responsible theory. Also could you explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of the relevant theory. Could you also please send me your name, position and aspirations. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future. Yours truly - Stacy Weber 

Reply: Our newspaper does not abide to any political theory, our main goal is to inform our readers and to promote our country, Morocco, in the world. We do not belong to any political party, we are just free journalists who write what we think can be of use to others, whether to visitors of Morocco, investors, businessmen or scholars and students. As you can see from the content of our newspaper, Morocco Today, our action and philosophy emanate from our love for our country. Our aspirations is to make our country known to the whole world, as well as its beauty, history and heritage. That's all I can say, maybe if you put very specific questions I could answer them in details. 

Follow Up: Dear Mr. Qounin - Thank you very much for your reply, it has helped me immensely, I was just wondering if you could please send me an article from one of your recent publications. I am having excessive trouble in allocating any over the internet. Again thank you enormously for your time and effort. Yours truly - Stacy Weber

Mr. Habib B. Qounin: We just sent you a message through the main portal of Morocco Today, which looks to be an excellent source for information--but I wanted to pitch this  piece at you directly. We hope you will consider it. Also please do let me know if we should submit pieces in the future so that we can make a note in our records. 

regards.MERIP1 (Ian Urbina is an editor at Middle East Report ( and is based at the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP), a foreign policy think tank in Washington DC. -Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) 1500 Massachusetts Ave NW suite 1500 Washington DC 20005 Urbina direct line: (202) 686-1694 - voice: (202) 223-3677 - fax: (202) 223-3604)

- Hello, For research: I need to know how many wifes a morocco man can have. Is it 1 or more ? if more how many and when is it more (are there specific rules ?) Thank you very much, Lies De Pril.

s369714 Dear Morocco Today,  Hi. My name is Paul Walker and I am a journalism student at the University of Queensland. I am doing a subject called comparative media systems and part of that subject requires me to ask a question to a journalist in a foreign country. That question is, "What is the situation of media freedom in your country?" I then have to take the answer to that question and compare it to the newspapers that are in print in that particular country. I thought it would be appropriate to ask you as I plan to study your newspaper. Your paper was also recommended to me by other UQ students. Any answer you could provide, no matter how long or short would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you for your time.

From: "Paul Deeley" e-mail : deeley
comment= Dear sirs, We would like to make enquiries regarding moving our manufacturing base from the U.K. to Morocco. D.D.G. Ltd are a joinery manufacturing company that supplies the major house builders in the U.K. Our current turnover is £ 3,000,000 pa.
Due to Increasing competition in the market we are being forced to review our manufacturing process. To this end we have identified Morocco as an attractive area to move.
Since we have very little local knowledge of Morocco and how to do business there we are looking for a partner to deal with the day to day administration of our company. To this end we would wish to know if we can use this publication as a vehicle to advertise our needs and recruit the right individuals to help us with our goals
Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Regards

Jay DeeleyName: "Nora Peterson" e-mail : normie name=normie
comment= I came to this site to learn more about Morocco because a very close friend is getting married to a Moroccan man. I know very little about your country & I have read & seen some nice things in this web site. Thank you, Nora Peterson

From: "Hind Alaoui-Zaki" e-mail : HAlaoui
Comment = Subject: Request From USA company
We are a Consulting Company and would like to get a mailing list of all doctors in Morocco. I you could help us with that we would really appreciate it Thank you for your time. our E-mail Address is: Hind_alaoui

From: "chabab" e-mail : chabab
name=essaadi mostafa
comment= salut, je voudrais simplement que vous déposer mon site sur morocco today, mon site est un journal en langue arabe. et l'adresse est la suivante:
je souhaite que ma demande soit acceptee et merciFrom: "Ali Bouha" e-mail : a.bouha
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 00:30:20 +0200
comment= tidelot

From: Howell Kilian e-mail : howell
Comment : How difficult would it be to locate the postal address of someone residing in Casablanca? I only have a name and photograph. Regards
E-Mail: howell
Mobile: 082 9277133
Home: 689-6343

From: Sami Aldeeb - e-mail Sami.Aldeeb
I have the pleasure to inform you that I finished translating my Arabic book into French about Male and female circumcision among Jews, Christians and Muslims Religious, medical, social and legal debate (about 700 pages). I have just to correct it and give it to some of you who offered to revise the French language.
I have a good publisher who read all the manuscript and who is ready to publish it. But now there if the problem of money as the book is large and sensitive.
The publisher suggests before publishing it two solutions:
- either fundraising: paying about 6000 US dollars
- or subscription: to obtain some 500 subscriptions for a reduced price
Now, Please let me know:
1) How can I make fundraising? Is there any who is willing to contribute for the publication of this unique book?
2) Who among you is interested to subscribe for one or more copies in French (reduced price)?
3) Who is ready to help sending the subscription request to his email-list or to post it in his group of discussion?
Please answer. Thank you in advance.
Sami Aldeeb author of: Les musulmans face aux droits de l'homme: religion, droit et politique, éditeur: Winkler, P.O.Box 102665, 44726 Bochum (Allemagne), 1994, 610 pages (in French).See also my homepage
The foreward of my book in Arabic written by Dr. Nawal El-Saadawi (in English): Samiquam
I am planning on visiting Morocco in the near future, and I would like to know which season is best, and also the time difference from that of the USA (Florida). And I would also like to know the value of the Moroccan money to the US currency.
Thank you for your time,
Ahmed Zarhabi
Location: UK
Adam40 This is one of the best sites for the Moroccan in Scotland. We will get in touch with you again (Ahmed Zarhabi, President, Moroccan Council, Scotland)
Name: International WHO'S WHO of Information Technology
Location: Jacksonville, NC usa
Dear Habib Qounin,As the recent result of studies of millions of professionals, you have been selected as a potentially qualified candidate for inclusion in the 2000 edition of International WHO'S WHO.
Specifically, Habib Qounin, our researchers gather information from numerous available sources including professional associations and societies, trade organizations, newspapers and magazines, professional reference publications and anonymous referrals from existing members.
Our experience has proven that our current information may not be the most recent, and in order for us to maintain a higher level of accuracy, we ask our candidates to complete the enclosed Biographical Data Form.
Recognition of this kind is a heritage shared by thousands of unique professionals for over 100 years. The publication is also a tremendous networking tool and third party endorsement.
As a highly respected professional in your field, we believe your achievements merit very serious consideration for inclusion.
Terrence J. Leitheit
International WHO'S WHO of Information Technology
Name: Diana
Location: Kuwait
I could not understand what is happening to me, I am just 22 years old and for six months now, I am in love with a Moroccan, and lost 20 kilos during this time, my health is deteriorating and I could not forget him in spite of his bad behavior with me. Is this Magic? I heard about this phenomena from my friends. Does Magic really exist in Morocco or what we call SIHR? I badly need advice. Please help.Diana
Name: Michael Grady
Location: Sacramento, CA usa
nice website 
Name: Mohamed Bazir
Comments:Britain Issuing Visa Bonds in Morocco and Philippines
Name: Canadian Connections Immigration Services
Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Dear Friends: We are an immigration service company providing services to people who wish to migrate to Canada-our beautiful country. We are planning to visit Morocco soon and if you wish to meet with us personally please contact us for fixing appointments by e-mail at canconnect or should you require any information before our visit you can still e-mail us your request , we will be more than happy to provide the same to all our friends and people of Morocco wishing or planning to migrate.-Best regards. Canadian Connections Immigration Services.
Name: The Moroccan Women (An Interesting Report by: Mincom))

The Moroccan Woman - Introduction: It is necessary to give some coverage about the Moroccan woman in the midst of all the changes that are taking place in the whole world as well as during a period of transition in the matters of human rights. The Moroccan woman is to be perceived better as a person who enjoys the guarantee of her rights and has very strong expectations for the future. This coverage is above all an attempt to shed light on the conditions of life of the Moroccan woman, her whishes, her hopes and dreams, her achievements, her projects, her intellectual background, and her talents. It will show by the same token how the Moroccan woman looks to herself and how she sees her diversity. Likewise, she is ambivalent. She is the guardian of Moroccan cultural values at home and the proponent of modernity outside her house. 
The Moroccan Woman Today: Recently, Moroccan women started getting into associations, educating herself, creating her space of liberty and fighting for her own rights, even in places generally dominated by men, either in political or social activities. It is also important to note that despite all the progress that the Moroccan woman achieved, she is still ambiguous; she has poor knowledge of the law, she also has the paradox of female self-censorship and insufficient education, especially in rural areas.Beauty from Head to Foot Of Remote Regions : Within a very large geographic area extending from the Middle Atlas to the Sahara, there still exist some female costumes whose origins date back to Roman times. Craftswomen with Great Art Berber women , who are excellent weavers, made their own wool or cotton "izar" as well as their "hendira", a small wool blanket that is worn as an overcoat and which represents a central item of Berber clothing.
Woman's Aspects of Beauty Tattoos, headdress, jewelry, belts and shoes all show great variation from one region to another. However the quick invasion of the western life style and industrial materials such as synthetic colors and clothes have affected the regional rural costume which is now to some extent losing it's authenticity and becoming a simple folk costume to be shown to tourists. There is also a great variety of Moroccan jewelry whether it is gold or silver made which shows the great skills the Moroccan jeweler's have in this field. From the Haik to the Djellaba unlike the rural woman ( in the high and middle atlas) the Moroccan woman in the city could not go out in the streets without a haik (at least in the beginning of the 1950's). The haik is a large piece of wool or cotton cloth of about 5.00 M x1.60 M which hide the shape of her body and covered her face. 
At Morocco' independence in 1956, Moroccan women became more and more active outside home, so the haik was replaced by the "Djellaba, which is in fact a male's garment in its origin. It has undergone many changes and important transformation in the last four decades. It has kept the same structure but lost the rigorous cut and the sober colors of its origins, except when worn by conservative or older women. The costume of the city women began to be affected by the fashion phenomenon as a result of more intensive exchange with other countries in the 19th century. This is the case of the "caftan". Originally turkish or even Chinese, the qaftan has remained until today, the basic inner garment of the Moroccan woman. Fashion, yes....tradition too Despite all the variations that it may undergo under the pressure of modern living, traditional clothing constitutes the basic wardrobe of Moroccan women from all social classes. one needs only go to a wedding or any religious ceremony to realize to what extent Moroccan women and men remain faithful to their most beautiful traditions.Moroccan women Fighting for their Rights : According to the Moroccan constitution, the Moroccan woman has the same political rights as man. but she is discreetly present, she is a trade unionist who does not give speeches, but who works behind the scenes in order to obtain her full rights and manages to establish rights of the active woman. She is also into politics, she can be part of the central committee of any political party. She works very hard to impose herself and to prove to future generations that woman and politics are not necessarily incompatible, it is just a matter of faith . 
Woman and law : The legal status of women in Morocco plays a very important role in the political and social life of the country. Recently, a national committee on the participation of women in political life and a national council for the revision of the Moroccan family law ( moudawwana, have been formed; their objective is to bring the condition of women closer to the ideals of the United Nations. The women of the 21st century want to live with their time and be free of social dichotomies and various kinds of negligence which have been condemned by the United Nations conventions on the banning of all forms of discrimination against women (1979). This is a very complex field where religion and social conservation clash with the urgency of change . Under the article 13 of the constitution of the Moroccan Kingdom, all citizens are granted the right to education and employment. Morocco has ratified the international treaty on economic, social and cultural rights. It has done the same with International labor organization conventions on the protection of women and the principle of equality between the sexes. 
Still, recourse to tradition explains why the moudawwana maintains the sexual division of labor within the couple and entrusts the husband with the leadership of the family. The Koran shows tremendous care for women. It grants her many rights: she is free like man is, she can own properties and has complete control over them that nobody can have( her father, husband or son) she has to consent when it comes to marriage. Islam is the first and the only religion which restricts polygamy, besides, a woman can ask for an additional clause to the marriage contract specifying that the husband will remain monogamous. 
The Moroccan woman and development: Since 1989, illiteracy of women has declined thanks to the progress made by schooling since independence. It has led to a relative over -qualification of female activity in comparison with male activity. During the 80's, Moroccan women entered the economic world in great numbers by enrolling in more and more jobs in the city. They are present in all branches of activities, industry, social services, education, household activities and as well as their own business. In 1990, working women represented more than 25% of the total active urban population. mentality of the Moroccan people changed due to the participation of women in active life. 
Moroccan Women imposed themselves by their competence, thus , the inequality with men became less blatant. Many women choose to venture into many careers that have up till now been reserved for men only: airline pilots, journalists, writers, researchers, this choice is often the result of a need for financial independence or psychological growth. There are many fields where the Moroccan woman can be really proud of herself, and in which she competed with men, especially in the surgery field, medicine and public health in general. In this field, she is always appreciated and known for her dedication and her competence. 
In the country side , women are also very active, they represent almost 50% of the active rural population . In agriculture as well as in industry, women proved to be competent and represent the majority of laborers. The Moroccan woman as a mother is a true keeper of traditions. She is the nourishing mother and the educator, thus occupying a dominating place in society and especially within the family. She perpetuates life, cements identity and keeps traditions. S he is also valued by social powers, still, in a patriarchal society, she comes second to the father or the husband. The Moroccan woman finds her strength in doing many tasks, she keeps the upper hand over her home, ( housekeeper) but she also performs other tasks outside home. 
Moroccan Women and culture: The number of women who are involved in cultural activities is so large that it is impossible to quote any names at the expense of others. the artistic and literary production of women is getting wider and wider. Moroccan women are novelists, writers poetesses, actresses or journalists who find their inspiration in the daily, the historical, the fantastic or the romantic; with all liberty, they proclaim their pains, concerns , joys and dreams; they do it with unbelievable skills, a great mastering of the language, be it native or foreign language. In the world of music, there are many women who play different instruments in traditional or modern orchestras, among them, Ghislane Hamadi who won many international prizes. Many other women, singers are very much appreciated either in Morocco or in the Arabic World in general.Moroccan Women and Sport: Women and sport is an ambiguous equation . even though some progress has been noticed in the field since 1984, we can not say that Moroccan women are using sport to liberate themselves. They still have to face many difficulties. Fitness sport which is used by women to stay in shape has known a big progress , yet the competitive sport has not gained many disciples because of its requirements and also because of a lack of adequate structures and a problem of mentality that is difficult to overcome.
Moroccan Women joining and creating associations: Soon after independence, there emerged a movement of association among women. These associations had social goals; they were created in response to a need felt by women from the elite to share their knowledge with, and assist, disadvantaged women and children. Justice and equity Later, during the 70's and especially the 80's, this movement took on the additional goal of promoting women's rights. This movement is characterizes by its diversity of trends and a multiplicity of objectives, organizational structures and agenda that vary according to the choice of the initiators. 
Moroccan Woman, family, child: Three types of associations are to be distinguished: socially -oriented associations which are interested in such causes as the protection of children and family. Information -oriented associations that serve to develop women's awareness in specific fields such as health, family, planning, aids fighting or environment protection. These associations generally have a mixed membership, but women are specially active in them. Constantly fighting Associations of the third type, in spite of their diversity, all claim a role in the battle for the reinforcement of the rights acquired by women as a result of the transformations that took place in the Moroccan society in the last three decades; and they all work for equity based on universal or specific values.Name: News Live
Location: Rabat, kingdom of Morocco
Comments: please click on my name to keep in contact with what is going on in our lovely morocco in other words news from Morocco) Live From RabatName: Abdel
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Habib B. Qounin, Chief Editor, Morocco Today
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I would like to get some information about the Moroccan and European economic union relationship.